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!!!--Brett swinging the bat--!!!

!!!--39 of his plate appearances--!!!

Videos are from the 2006 and 2007 Seasons


Note #1
These video files vary in size
from 0.64Mb to 3.93Mb and
are therefore more suitable for
viewing with a broadband
internet connection - they will
work with a dialup connection,
but may take a little while
to download and play
Note #2
Windows Media Player required
If the video does not play,
you most probably have
an older version installed
Minimum of Version #9
is necessary, and it can
be downloaded for free by
clicking here
Note #3
Click on the
button in the controls below
to watch the videos
Note #4
The videos have been optimised
for viewing on the internet
Should you wish to see a bigger
copy, simply right click on the
video as it is playing and select
'full screen mode'
Note #5
Some of the videos include an
audio track so make sure
your speakers are on
Note #6
If your monitor is set to an
800 x 600 resolution, you will
have to use the left-right scroll
bars to view this page


27 seconds - 2.07Mb
RBI single

23 seconds - 1.77Mb
RBI single

17 seconds - 1.37Mb
RBI single + error

19 seconds - 1.50Mb

19 seconds - 1.53Mb

18 seconds - 1.44Mb
RBI single

24 seconds - 1.89Mb
Two run home run

40 seconds - 3.08Mb
Sacrifice fly

14 seconds - 1.19Mb
RBI single

16 seconds - 1.35Mb

25 seconds - 1.96Mb

21 seconds - 1.68Mb
RBI single

15 seconds - 1.29Mb

8 seconds - 0.64Mb
Sacrifice fly

13 seconds - 1.15Mb

12 seconds - 0.98Mb
RBI single

14 seconds - 1.21Mb
RBI single

15 seconds - 1.24Mb
Sacrifice fly

18 seconds - 1.47Mb

16 seconds - 1.24Mb

13 seconds - 1.11Mb
RBI double

25 seconds - 1.96Mb

18 seconds - 1.40Mb

12 seconds - 1.03Mb

14 seconds - 1.13Mb

13 seconds - 1.14Mb
RBI single

18 seconds - 1.46Mb
RBI single

14 seconds - 1.20Mb
RBI triple

19 seconds - 1.53Mb
RBI double

18 seconds - 1.50Mb
Minor League Baseball - 'AA' Eastern League
2006 All Star Game - batting and fielding

42 seconds - 3.29Mb
Two run home run

34 seconds - 2.59Mb
RBI single

16 seconds - 1.24Mb
RBI single

20 seconds - 1.56Mb

25 seconds - 1.91Mb
RBI single

24 seconds - 1.85Mb
Two run home run

37 seconds - 2.83Mb
Two run single

28 seconds - 2.17Mb


51 seconds - 3.93Mb

Notes on these Videos

These at-bats were put together by a friend of Brett's in Altoona
They were on a DVD, and the total size was over 850Mb
As well as this disc, we have lots of other 'home movies' in DVD format
For some time I have been looking for software that will convert these into a format suitable for the internet
...... and I have now found it!!!

Easy Media Creator 10 Suite

Expensive? ... yes, but it is fabulous!!!................it does everything!!!
It converted these files into 'wmv' format, reducing their total size down to around 65Mb
In addition to video and DVD, it also has sections for photos, music, and lots more
I now have a lot to learn!!!

(click on the above logo to go to the Official Web Site)

The new Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 gives you creative inspiration
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Support for VST effects plug-ins

Photo and Video
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