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Redoute Roses Cutlery Set - Sixteen Piece
Below in Section One


Dessert Spoons, Salad Servers, and a Cake Knife and Server
Below in Section Two


Redoute Roses Dessert Set - Eight Piece
Below in Section Three


A note from Geoff on Saturday 2nd September 2006

Our cutlery drawer is a bit of a mess!!!
Here it is!!!

It includes the remnants of a set we have had for some time plus six steak knives
......but also lots of other bits-n-pieces!!!
We have two 'new' sets that are not used
and click on the thumbnails to have a look at each one

This one was a gift way back in 1976,
and it is unopened

This was a recent purchase
which we really don't want to use

We needed something for everyday use
Sharon likes "flowers-and-pretty-things" and this set is perfect!!!

Now a note to my Wife

Hope you like this set!!!
Your job is to clean out the drawer
Pack up all the junk - and throw it in the bin!!!
Or give it to a Charity Shop
Might be a good idea to keep a couple of the steak knives
I am not sure how sharp these new ones are
And you know, your cooking of steak......well,......!!!
We also have to get rid of the horrible yellow thing
You might find a timber one somewhere!!!



- The Ebay Auction

Cutlery Set - Sixteen Piece
White with pink roses
The wonderful ceramic handles have a single Redoute rose on each
and a smaller bud at the top
They are quite heavy to hold which makes them feel, oh, so much more than average!!
Set consists of four knives, four forks, four desert spoons, and four larger teaspoons
Listed at $39.99 makes each piece just $2.50!!!

A question I sent to the seller during the auction
Hi, and what are the marks in the dish-part of each of the spoons?
Or is it a camera/flash reflection, etc?
Thanks, Geoff
......and the reply
Hi Geoff, and yes, they are a reflection of my chandelier
I noticed them and wondered whether to mention it or not
They are brand new and never used
I hope this answers your question
Happy bidding, Robyn

Item location - Caboolture, Queensland Australia
This auction ended on Saturday 2nd September 2006
The starting price was set at $39.99 and there was one bid during the auction
Ours!!! - so we paid $39.99 plus postage and insurance



More "Redoute Roses" Items

The seller of the above set also has an Online Store
and full details with a web link are below

During October 2006, she added more items to the "Redoute Roses" range, and these are......

On Thursday 26th October 2006, I bought one of each!!!



- The Ebay Auction

Pretty Shabby Roses Eight Piece Dessert Set
I have listed for you today this gorgeous eight piece dessert set
It is made from 18/10 stainless steel
It is comprised of four cake forks and four teaspoons
I have also listed a matching sixteen piece cutlery set ($69.95)

A note I send to the seller during the auction
I am interested in this set, but would like to check on one thing
Are these spoons and forks the same size as the ones in the sixteen piece set?
Looking at the photos, it appears the forks might be smaller but the spoons look the same length
Thanks, Geoff
......and the reply
Hi Geoff, and these sets are just gorgeous!
The spoons in the dessert set are slightly larger than the teaspoons in the sixteen piece set
and measure 17.5cm long
The forks are smaller than the ones in the sixteen piece set and also measure 17.5cm
The patterns on both sets are identical
Hope this helps
Kind regards, Carol

Item location - Central Murrumbidgee, New South Wales Australia
This auction was listed with a "Buy-it-Now" price of $47.95 plus postage and insurance
Had to buy it at $47.95 - to add to our existing "Redoute Roses" cutlery!!!

UPDATE - Wednesday 31st March 2010

Sharon kept dropping and breaking these spoons and forks ... had to buy another set !!
Paid $47.95 plus $9.00 postage = $56.95------------------Be careful with these, Sharon !!



!!! - The New Look - !!!



The Artist

Pierre Joseph Redoute
(July 10 1759 - June 20 1840)
Botanical artist and Royal Flower Painter
He was the official court artist of Queen Marie Antoinette

For a complete Biography and to view Redoute's Gallery, click on the logo below

(link active as at Saturday 2nd September 2006)



Thursday 26th October 2006 - an email from
Robyn Leahy - Executive Director - Bella Chi Chi Boutique

This seller also has an online store......

Premier on-line gift and decor store
We specialise in beautiful shabby chic gifts and vintage style decor
......and click on the above logo to go to the site

Hi Geoff

Firstly, you are a lovely Husband!!

I thought you might be interested in knowing you got "a massive bargain" with the cutlery set you bought back in September
I put the wrong price on them!!
By $50.00!!
I actually lost $$$'s!!

But I am genuinely pleased your wife loved them

I haven’t got any of these cutlery sets at the moment but I am intending to stock them
I can 'special order' you a set if you want -
but the price this time will have to be $89.95!!

Thank you for this order below:-
----------Redoute Roses Salad Servers - and these are a favorite of mine too!!
----------Redoute Roses Cake Knife and Server
----------Redoute Roses Icecream Spoons

Thanks for shopping for your Wife!!




--Auctions for similar cutlery sets

Auction #01

We paid $39.99 for the same sixteen pieces listed in this auction

Shabby Elegant Floral Rose Sixteen Piece Cutlery Set
Very chic!!
Here is the most beautiful and elegant floral rose sixteen peice cutlery set
Stainless steel (18/0) with glass handles with pretty pink and green flowers
The perfect setting!!
Great as a gift for anyone
Comes with four each knifes, forks, spoons and tea spoons

Item location - Albion Park, New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 28th January 2007
The starting price was set at $69.95 with a "Buy-it-Now" price of $72.95
There were no bids!!!