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Judge Brand Enamel Pot Collection

From around the 1930's - ??? - see the notes below


A note from Geoff on Monday 27th February 2006

We are continuing our search for items for......

We have bought canisters, spice jars, scales, slicers, mincers, sifters and strainers!!!

And now a set of pots/saucepans

Over the last few months I have kept my eye out for a nice set
There have been lots of reproduction sets for sale - but I wanted original

This set looks to be about right
In the photos below they look "a bit scrappy",
but I took the seller's word that they are in top condition overall
and should clean up to look terrific on display

They will also be used everyday by Chef Sharon!!!

PS - Sharon, you have some cleaning and polishing to do once they arrive!!!
Looking forward to seeing them restored back to
"immaculate condition" as the seller says they will!!!

After that, I will take a few photos and add them to this page


- The Ebay Auction

Judge Brand Enamel Pot Collection
Matching set of Judge brand - in Pints
These lovely black enamel pots feature little brass or copper inserts on lids
which state the brand name and pint values
This would make a great edition to someone's home who is into all things old and great
Seldom seen for sale with branded name etc

A note I sent to the seller during the auction
Hello to you
I am very interested in these pots, but do have a few questions
Firstly, if you have some larger and clearer photos, I would appreciate them
and you could send them direct to my email address which is gggrfnq@bigpond.net.au
Secondly, on looking at the two photos on your auction site,
there doesn't appear to be any damage
but a couple of the lids appear discoloured - is this right?
You don't mention the condition in your item description,
so would you mind letting me know the details of any dents and wear marks
And also if the set has any surface rust, holes, etc
In other words, are they okay to use?
Finally, could you send me the sizes in inches or cms
I know this is a lot of questions and photos,
but I would like to get them as a surprise present for my wife and her kitchen!!
Your set of old pots caught my eye,
and I would like to get her a set in the best possible condition
Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you
Geoff, in Cairns
......and the reply
Hi Geoff
I am flat out at the moment but will put this together quickly for you
I work a seven day roster so might be able to send more info tonight if it helps you
The pots are in excellent condition for the age of them
The difference in colour in the lids is quite simply tarnish
You will be able to clean these up greatly
I haven't had time
The lids you will find are silver in colour
and will return that way with a little tender-loving-care!
There are no holes
and a small amount of surface rust mainly on the lids as you can see
This will come off very easily
and there is no reason why these can't be used
as they will go back to immaculate condition very quickly
Hope this helps
Finally, they are in very good condition and have always been in my shed
Write back if you need more info
Regards Greg

Another question I asked the seller
Hi again Greg
This is a "just a matter of interest" question!!
You mentioned in one of your notes that these pots have always been in your shed
Would you be able to give me some idea of their age?
How long you have had them?
Etc, etc!!
As I mentioned, I am just interested
- and I am sure Sharon is going to ask as soon as she unpacks them!!
Bye, Geoff
......and the reply
Hi Geoff
I have just received your payment so I will post the items this morning
Thank you very much for your prompt action on all of this
I think you must be the best Ebayer I have dealt with to date!!
The pots have been in my hands I would say for at least fifteen years
They originated from an old spinster who lived next door to us in New Zealand
I would say that these would have to date back to at least the thirties I would think
but put the question to a dealer and they should be able to give you an idea
The fact that they are in pints should give them a clue to their age
If you are interested in this sort of thing,
the wife and I are moving most of our antiques now
as we have purchased a contemporary style home in need of renovation
We are going to deck it out accordingly so keep an eye on our Ebay name
We loved antiques and collectables and used to live in mainly old period homes
Regards, Greg

Item location - Perth, Western Australia Australia
This auction ended on Monday 27th February 2006
The starting price was set at $0.99 and there were nine bids during the auction
Ours was the winner!!! - at $132.50 plus postage and insurance


More photos sent by the seller during the auction


Photos taken after the saucepans were delivered


On looking around the internet,
it appears that this brand of cookware is still available

Click on "The Judge" below......

......for more details on the history of this brand name


--Auctions for similar Saucepan Sets

......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

Judgeware Vintage Cream and Green Enamel Saucepan Set and Pot Stand
Five piece enamel cream and green Judgeware cooking set on original pot stand
Including double boiler (porridge saucepan), roasting dish and three long handled pots (stewpans)
Vintage 1930's to 1940's
All five pieces have some chipping, but overall they are in a reasonable condition
All lids have their Judgeware Brass Tags intact
This set comes with an original pot stand that would have been used in the kitchen
The double boiler, or pottinger as they were called, is 12cm in diameter
The long handled pots are 16cm, 18cm and 22cm - and this larger one also has a front handle
The old roaster like this is quite hard to find with the pearl grey colour inside to match the pots
It is much heavier than the later ones
This should be a bargain for someone!

Item location - Oxenford, Gold Coast Australia
This auction ended on Wednesday 4th July 2007
The starting price was set at $100.00 and there were fifteen bids during the auction
The final selling price was $285.00