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Shelley "Fruit Border" Trio - Queen Anne Shape

Pattern Number - 11563

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 23rd November 2005
"I bought this as a "Surprise Present" for Sharon
Over the last few months she has looked at quite a few of this type,
and we have also seen sets for sale in antique shops around Cairns
- but they have always been too expensive!!!
This one seemed reasonable - so I made a bid - and won!!!
She likes the Queen Anne shape
and she also likes to flick it and hear the "Shelley Ping"!!!"

---The Ebay Auction

Shelley "Queen Anne" Fruit Border Trio - #11563
Pretty Queen Anne Trio
Hand enamelled decoration
Pattern number 11563 - marked as shown
Condition is excellent!! - there are no chips, cracks, or restoration
All pieces "PING"
Measurements (approx) - Cup 2.25 inches high and the plate is 6.25 inches across

An email I sent to the seller during the auction
Just a couple of questions
Do you know the actual pattern name???
You mentioned in the auction details that the pattern number is 11563
and do you have any idea of when it may have been made???
Thanks, Geoff
......and the reply
The pattern name is listed as "Fruit Border"
It was recorded in the pattern book in October 1927
This trio was produced within ten years of that date
Regards, David

Item location - Sydney Australia
This auction ended on Wednesday 23rd November 2005
The starting price was set at USD$75.00 - and mine was the only bid!!!
So that was the price we paid -
AUD$101.80 plus postage and insurance


The Backstamp

The following Backstamp Information is from

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This backstamp was used from 1925 to 1945

The following Pattern and Registered Number Information is from

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Dating Shelley China using Pattern Numbers
#11563 - 1927

Registered Design Numbers
First registered in 1926
Described as - "Queen Anne Shape Teaware"


Notes on Shelley China

#01 - "Shapely Shelley"

Shelley China, with its wide range of styles and patterns, is increasingly sought after

Shelley produced such a vast range of shapes that spotting items at fairs can be a difficult task
But don't worry, it becomes much easier once you are familiar with a favourite style

As we're concentrating on the more popular collecting areas, let's start with "Queen Anne"

Established in 1926 and produced for seven years, this is one of Shelley's best sellers
The cup is octagonal in shape, having four large and four small panels

There are over 160 patterns, ranging from floral to garden scenes,
landscapes and all-over ground colours

One of Shelley's main attractions is the quality of both the body
whether of fine bone china or earthenware and the decoration

Arguably, this makes Shelley's wares some of the most important of the period

#02 - The Art Deco Styles

During the Art Deco period Shelley produced five famous styles
- Queen Anne, Vogue, Mode, Eve and Regent

"Queen Anne"

This was one of Shelley's best sellers, being introduced in 1926
and was in production until 1933

The shape of the cup is like an octagon, having four large and four small panels

There are over 160 patterns,
ranging from floral to garden scenes, landscapes and all over ground colours

#03 - Shelley Potteries

Shelley Potteries started life as Wileman & Co

In 1862, Joseph Ball Shelley was taken into partnership with the firm of Henry Wileman
at the Foley China Works, Fenton, Staffs

Over the years, Wileman and Co was a melting pot for many important designers
such as Micklewright, Rowland Morris, Frederick Rhead and Walter Slater

By 1910, the name Shelley China was being actively promoted,
and in 1925 it was changed to Shelley
Important designers of this time included Mabel Lucie Atwell, Hilda Cowham and Eric Slater

Shelley continued in production until 1966 when it was taken over by Allied English Potteries,
now part of The Doulton Group


The Ebay Seller

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Sales of other "Fruit Border" items

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The item below was advertised on the above site as at Thursday 24th November 2005

Shelley Queen Anne Shape "Fruit Border" Sandwich Plate
Description - beautiful Shelley Queen Anne Sandwich Plate in the Fruit Border Pattern
that is in excellent condition with no cracks or chips
The pattern is strong and lively
Measurements - 8 inches x 9.25 inches
Manufactured - in the 1930's
Price - $162.75



NOTE - this auction is for a "duo" - we purchased a "trio"

Stunning Shelley Duo
Gorgeous Item!!
Excellent with no chips, cracks or crazing
However, the cup has a fine light stain to the inside base
This cup and saucer is a great set and would be an awesome addition to your collection
whether it be for display or use
Item location - Stockton Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 5th February 2006
The starting price was set at $30.00 and there were five bids during the auction
The final selling price was $46.00


Other Notes and Information

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Neither the Pattern Name or Number was listed on this site