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Maling Lustre Dessert Comports

Six Piece ...... Made in England

A note from Geoff on Sunday 2nd October 2005
Yes - another 'Surprise Present' for Sharon !!
She has heaps of cups, saucers, plates, jugs and dishes etc - but none of these
I know that she has been looking at dessert dishes
so this is a set - for her World Famous Chocolate Mousse !!


Details of the Ebay Auction

Maling Ware Stunning Lustre Dessert Comports - Six Piece
It gives me much pleasure to present for auction this stunning and complete vintage set
of Maling lustre ware dessert comports produced in the 1950's in England
The set of six comports are vivid and extremely attractive in shades of deep cerise, sky blue,
lemon, shell pink, azure blue and lilac with that gorgeous lustre finish
Each comport has a stylish pedestal base, slender waist, generous size bowl
with fancy scolloped rim which is also embossed with gold
Each of the six comports have been stamped to the base
"Maling - Est 1762 - Newcastle-on-Tyne - England"
Each of the stunning lustre comports stand 9cm tall and are 11cm wide across the rim
This is a complete set of Maling lustre ware dessert comports
that are all in excellent condition throughout
There are no chips, cracks, hairlines or faults to any piece
A true delight to find such a lovely vintage Maling set in such pristine condition

Item location - Illawarra, New South Wales Australia
This auction started on Sunday 25th September 2005
The starting price was set at $9.99 and during the auction there were twenty-two bids
We won!!! - with a final bid of $158.00 plus postage and insurance


Other Photos




The Backstamp


Information on Maling

The following information about the above mark was obtained from
The Maling Collectors' Society
and click on this logo to go to their web site


Sales of Maling Products

Click on the above logo to go to the site
which includes some limited information, photos, prices, etc


Details of other Auctions/Sales of these Comports

Date Colour

As per auction notes - these may differ from the colour names in the auction we won

Ours are in excellent condition
There are no chips, cracks or hairlines to any of our bowls
Starting Price
Number of Bids
Final Price

We paid $158.00 for six = $26.33 each
Sat 15 Oct 05
Sunshine yellow Mint $16.99 - 8 bids $33.50 each
Sat 15 Oct 05
Two colours Appeared very good Yungaburra Antiques $20.00 each
Mon 17 Oct 05
Set of six
Three colours two of each
Two had minor damage $9.00 - 16 bids $123.00 set
$20.50 each
Thurs 20 Oct 05
Pink Superb $23.50 - 4 bids $26.90 each
Thurs 20 Oct 05
Lilac Superb $23.50 - 2 bids $24.55 each
Frid 21 Oct 05
Set of six - included green
Similar to ours
One had bad chip in rim $47.20 - 9 bids $73.06 set
$12.18 each
Frid 21 Oct 05 Green Good
Sharon hasn't got a green in her set, but this was only in 'good'condition and not 'excellant' like the six we bought - she will keep an eye out for another one - plus this was expensive!!!
$29.00 - 2 bids $33.25 each
Sat 22 Oct 05
Lilac x two Excellant $11.81 - 5 bids $37.31 two
$18.66 each
Mon 24 Oct 05
Blue/Mauve Small chip on rim $7.04 - 8 bids $23.55 each
Tues 25 Oct 05
Blue/Mauve Two small chips $7.04 - 3 bids $11.77 each
Tues 8 Nov 05
Purple Good $24.95 - 2 bids $32.25 each
Mon 21 Nov 05 Excellent $150.00 No Bids!!!
Mon 12 Dec 05 Fantastic $99.99 - 10 bids $158.20 set
$26.37 each

Mon 5 Feb 07
Three had small chips $15.00 - 15 bids $117.50 set
$23.50 each


Reference Books and Information

These Maling comports are listed in the above publication
refer to page 85

We are not experts!!!
......and it is very difficult to see the differences in these two sets
(to me, they look the same!!!)

However, based on the various measurements, it looks like Sharon's are similar
to the set of six in the 'Tulip' pattern as shown in the first photo below
If so, each would have a price of around $33.00 to $40.00
and we paid $26.33 each for our set of six


A set like ours on Television


This episode was shown in Cairns
via the Lifestyle Channel on
Saturday 18th July 2009



(actual taping date = unknown)

The Presenter

Presented by effervescent Host and Antiques Roadshow expert
Tim Wonnacott
Bargain Hunt challenges people to turn bargains into profit

Two teams are given £200 each
and have just one hour to trawl the stalls and seek out a bargain which they hope to sell later for a higher price

Even with expert help, the teams discover it's not as easy as it looks, but there are plenty of laughs and lessons along the way

The Expert

Mark Stacey is one of the UK’s best known and popular valuers, appearing for many years on BBC antiques shows such as Flog It, Bargain Hunt and various BBC Radio Shows
Mark was born in South Wales, but moved to London to work in the care profession before starting his own antiques dealing business
He developed a passion for Blue and White transfer printed wares and spent time as Honorary Secretary of the Friends of Blue, a well known Collectors Club
Mark has been in the antiques world for over twenty years, most of which was spent in auction houses
He joined Bonhams in 1995 at their successful Hove office as a general valuer and regional representative before joining Sotheby’s, initially specialising in the ceramics department and then the valuations department for five years
Mark worked for Hamptons/Dreweatt Neate Fine Art, where as well as being a successful valuer he was head of Decorative Arts, and was later made a Director
Over this time Mark has gained a wealth of experience and contacts which will be used in a new capacity as an independent consultant, valuer and auctioneer


click on the photo to go to
Mark Stacey's
Official Web Site

Facts and Figures
conversions as at Saturday 18th July 2009

AUD$158.00 This is the price we paid during September 2005 ... so each comport cost AUD$26.33
GBP40.00 = AUD$81.35 This is what the contestants paid ... each comport being AUD$13.55
GBP40.00 to GBP60.00
------------= AUD$81.35 to AUD$122.00
The expert's valuation
GBP25.00 to GBP40.00
------------= AUD$50.85 to AUD$81.35
What the auctioneer thought of this set

Now watch the Video ... for the Auction Price
video shows purchase ... then valuation ... then auction

video = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2005onwards/0video05_01.flv