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Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" Sugar Bowl


Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" Milk Jug

Pattern and/or Shape Number - see below

......and did we get a bargain???

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Tuesday 16th August 2005
"I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!
Here is a story - Part One
Almost twelve months ago (27th August 2004) Sharon got her first
china/crystal display cabinet - "Antique Burl Walnut Display Cabinet"
Since then, we have restored and bought two more
The story continues - Part Two
Sharon likes Carlton Ware and has three different bowls and dishes
One with flowers, plus a green and a yellow dish - but not this 'red' one
She has mentioned that she likes the colour and so do I!!!
It looks good and I wanted to get her something in this style
And the story - Part Three
The three display cabinets mentioned above are nearly full!!!
Where does she put another dish???
Over the last couple of months, a few of this colour have appeared on Ebay auctions
- but they have all been the larger type, similar to the Carlton Ware items she has
The solution
Wait!!! - Wait!!! - Wait!!!
Then this smaller one was listed
It is the "right and bright" red colour and in excellant condition
and most importantly, it will fit in with her other three dishes and bowls
So I made a bid and bought it!!!"


Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" Sugar Bowl
This small bowl measures nearly 3 inches tall (75mm)
It is in excellent condition with no visable signs of wear
An opportunity to buy a piece of history
Item location - Adelaide, South Australia Australia

The auction ended on Tuesday 16th August 2005
The starting price was set at $59.95
There was only one bid - and that was mine!!! - at $59.95



From Geoff
Hi, and I was the successful bidder on this item
Hey, can you do me a favour???
Have you got a photo of the backstamp and markings that you could send me???
If not, could you give me any indication of the pattern number???
Thanks, and my wife will be surprised as I bought this as a present for her china cabinet!!!
From Marshall
Hi, and the Carlton Ware sticker is covering the backstamp
So I will leave it for you to remove if that's ok with you
Cheers, Marshall
From Geoff
Hi ya, and thanks for the note
I think we will be leaving the sticker there as well!!!
But will let Sharon decide when I give it to her
We don't know much about this sort of stuff!!!
From Marshall
I hope Sharon likes her gift
You have chosen well!! - 'Rouge Royale' is the Rolls Royce of Carlton Ware!!
I'd leave the sticker on - it would add value as it makes it more original
Cheers, Marshall



As the seller stated in the above emails, the sticker is covering the backstamp
as can be seen in the photo below that I took after the bowl was delivered

Below are two enlargements of the sticker
These are the same photo, but the contrast has been adjusted
......in the hope that someone has very good eyesight and can read the numbers!!!

From the little bit of knowledge (a very tiny amount!!!) that I have gained about
identifying china, it appears that The Painter usually marked their pieces by using a letter
I am guessing that this is what the letter "W" is meant to signify

The next line would be the Pattern Number
It could be "7965" or "3965" or maybe the third number is a "4"
......but it could be anything!!!
I have tried everything I can to make the numbers clearer including using the
enlargement/close-up feature of my digital camera
and even examining the sticker through a magnifying glass!!!

The next line would be the Shape Number
This looks to be "1998"



The link marked "SITE #1" takes you to a very comprehensive Carlton Ware web site
and the following information is from that site

Trying to interpret the Carlton Ware Sticker!!!

The Letter "W"
There is no reference to this - painter's marks were not recorded

The Pattern Number
I have tried every combination of numbers - but cannot find a similar pattern!!!

The Shape Number
Had a bit of success with this!!!
The shape "1998" was introduced in 1940 to 1945,
and the shape was used for various patterns
The above site used this photo as an example of the shape......

......and it looks to be our sugar bowl!!!
I think we can be fairly sure that the Shape Number is "1998"!!!



This is one of Sharon's Reference Books,
and click on the thumbnail image for the details

She was looking through it, and on Page 195, she noticed this!!!

Looks the same - and the price is fantastic!!!
It appears we may have picked up a bargain!!!
......and we are going to keep an eye out for the creamer now!!!




Vintage Rouge Royale Milk Jug by Carlton Ware
This very attractive piece of Carlton Ware is in excellent condition all over
and graduates from black at the edges to Rouge Royale in centre
with superb gold border and detailing
Width is 4cm x 8cm (not including the handle)
Height is 11cm at it's highest point
Condition is excellent
Base Colour is Rouge Royale

This auction is due to finish on Saturday 5th November 2005
The starting price was set at $4.99
As at Thursday 27th October, there has only been one bid at that price

Sharon - do we bid???

Her answer - YES!!!

The bidding continued until Saturday 5th,
and there were a total of twenty-eight bids during the auction
Ours was the final bid - we won!!! - at a price of $83.50 plus postage and insurance



Below is some more information on this Carlton Ware Bowl and Jug



Is this the same as ours - ???
In this auction, the seller calls it a "Posy Vase" - ???

Vintage "Rouge Royale" Posy Vase by Carlton Ware
This dainty posy vase is in excellent condition all over and has a beautiful pearl lustre interior
It appears to be unused
The base is pristine - but does have some slight crazing to the base only
Width is 10cm x 8cm (4 x 3.125 inches)
Height is 7cm at highest point (2.750 inches)
Condition is very good, but with some rubbing
The base colour is Rouge Royale
This auction ended on Thursday 3rd November 2005
The starting price was set at $4.99 and there were sixteen bids during the auction
The final selling price was $56.00



The pattern looks the same - ???
but it has a different impressed/shape number - "1979" instead of "1998" - ???

Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" Decorative Vase
This is a beautiful example of the Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" range
It is highly decorative with deep sold colour
and features gold gilding around the rim of the vase
It has a classic scalloped design with an intriquite gold featured rim
It stands 16cm high, the base is 7.5cm wide and the width at the top of the vase is 14.5cm
It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks
and the pearl on the inside has retained its gloss
The mark on the base says "Carlton Ware - Made in England - Trademark- Rouge Royale"
The number
"1979" is impressed in the base
A wonderful addition to your collection
This auction ended on Sunday 20th November 2005
The starting price was set at $49.99 and there were thirteen bids during the auction
The final selling price was $86.50



An Ebay auction for "a very similar set" - ???

Rare Vintage Carlton Ware Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl
Perfect condition!!
A beautiful set!!
A rare set like this doesn't come up for auction very often!!
This auction ended on Saturday 11th December 2005
The starting price was set at $35.00 and there were 15 bids during the auction
The final selling price was $76.00
......and we paid $143.45 in the two auctions for our set!!!