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33-1/3 R.P.M. Stereo Recording

Knightsbridge Hymn Feste
From 1973 and 1974
......featuring Sharon!!!

......and a note from Sharon on Friday 12th August 2005

As far back as I can remember we waited with great excitement for the Sunday School Anniversary at the Semaphore Baptist Church
It was a yearly event

Big platforms that went almost to the ceiling were built at the front area of the church
We all gathered out the front and then marched down the aisles and up on to the platform
We always marched to the same tune which still gives me goose bumps today!! - I can hum the tune and hear it in my head, but I cannot remember it's name!!

My Father conducted these Anniversaries, chose all the songs and the "anniversary practice" sessions were almost as much fun as the real thing

Each year we had a new "Sunday Best" dress which my Mother always made and that was then our best dress for the rest of the year!

When we left Semaphore and began attending Knightsbridge Baptist, a Hymn Feste was introduced and it was conducted along the same lines as Semaphore
I am not sure if Dad had anything to do with starting this but I suspect he did!!
Platforms were built again and it was great fun

The last Hymn Feste I was involved in (1975) I was very pregnant with Tanya and I remember I didn't want it to end because I knew there probably wouldn't be anymore for me - I just wanted us all to keep on singing!!

On the Hymn Feste record cover below, the picture at the top left shows me sitting with my Sunday School class
My sister Fiona is to my left with the dark hair
In the main picture, my sister Lesley is on my right
Her husband Jon is standing in front of her - the guy with the sideboards and moustache
My sister Fiona is behind the lady who is behind me
Her husband Denys is further along the row

We had the most wonderful times at both the Sunday School Anniversaries at Semaphore Baptist Church and the Hymn Festes at Knightsbridge Baptist Church

NOTE - as you will notice, this record cover has "a bit of damage"!!!
The above scan of the front cover is approx the original colour
However, the enlargements below have been altered in both contrast and brightness
so the details are more easily seen
The same applies to the back cover which is also below