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Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Butter (or Cheese) Dish

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Thursday 28th July 2005
"I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!
She mentioned one day that she would like to have one of these
For a while now I have been checking the auctions on Ebay
and searching for butter dishes
There has been quite a few - but most of them were awful!!!
The rectangular shape looks 'common'
and most of the cheaper ones were highly decorated with what I call junk!!!
This one appeared,
and it looked to be the type that Sharon would like
So I bought it

There is more detail further down the page"

Photos and Details from the Ebay Auction

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Butter (or Cheese) Dish
This dish is beautifully trimmed with gold around the edges of the under-plate
The sides of the under-plate are fluted
The Country Rose pattern is around the sides of the the lid and underplate
This is a sort after piece and a rarity to find!
The dish is in great condition - and probably has only been used a couple of times
There are no cracks, crazing or repairs
The plate is 155mm in diameter (6.125 inches)
The lid is 97mm in diameter (4 inches)
This piece is 65mm high (2.50 inches)
There is a full-flowered backstamp showing
"Old Country Roses
Royal Albert
Bone China
Royal Albert LTD 1962"
Item location - Central Coast, NSW Australia

The auction ended on Wednesday 27th July 2005
The starting price was $99.99
There were two bids for this item and I paid $112.50 plus postage

This photo was taken after the dish was received

The Backstamp

Checking it out!!!

As I always do before bidding, I checked the item out on this site

and click on the logo to go to their home page

There are a number of variations of the "Old Country Roses" pattern
and I found this one that looked to be very similar
There was not a photo of the butter dish, but the pattern in these pics looked to be identical

It is called Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Classic - Pattern #00102
and the description was red and yellow roses with a brushed gold trim
and click here to go directly to this pattern listing page

It is not listed on the page now, but I am sure (positive!!!) I remember a round
butter dish being there for USD$79.99
which would be approximately $110.00/$115.00 Australian dollars

......and that's why I bid the price I did to win the auction!!!
......and I felt quite pleased as the freight from the United States would have been
another $30.00/$40.00 --- so I was well in front!!!

But now the problems start!!!

After winning the auction, I checked around the Replacements web site
to find the information and photos to build this web page
I noticed that the dish had been sold and was no longer listed as mentioned above
Wasn't too worried about it though
and just checked around a few of the other variations of the "Old Country Roses" pattern

The problems get worse!!!

I found this variation,
and unfortunately (bugger and damn!!!) I think this is it!!!

This one is called Royal Albert "Old Country Roses"
and the description was Montrose shape with red and yellow roses
and click here to go directly to this pattern listing page

NOTE - no mention was made of the gold trim,
but the photo appears to show one, I think!!!

Now, for this pattern they did have the above photo --- and there was a price!!!
Australian dollars $52.80!!!
Less than half of what I paid!!!

The problems escalate!!!

I continued looking around the Replacements web site
and came across this note
"Royal Albert’s Old County Roses is one of the most popular
fine bone china patterns ever produced
Designed with a lavish floral border that is inspired by English roses in full summer bloom,
the pattern was introduced in 1962, and has been in great demand ever since
Harold Holdcroft, who created the pattern on the Royal Albert “Montrose” blank,
also added a rich 22-carat gold border to complete a very rich, classic design
Old Country Roses is produced in a wide variety of piece types
for use on the table and in home decor"
Well (and bugger and damn again!!!) that description seems to match in
perfectly with the item notes in the Ebay auction
......even down to the mention of "1962"!!!

Crying - but Hoping!!!

I was still hoping and praying!!!
And looked around the internet a bit more

I could not find any other reference to the "
Classic - Pattern #00102" that I initially
saw before bidding on the auction

Here are a few of the retailers I looked at and click on the logos to go to their web sites

Listed a pattern number which was 9351
Had the dish listed at AUD$47.20

Had the dish listed at AUD$50.80

Had the dish listed at AUD$61.10

Well, Geoff, what are you going to do???

Not too much right at the moment!!!
Will wait for the item to be delivered, photograph the backstamp and markings
and then check it out again......

......because even though it doesn't look too good right now,
I am not certain it is the cheaper pattern variation!!!
Is it the "Classic" or the "Montrose" variation???

......and finally - acceptance!!!

FIRSTLY - which ever way it eventually goes,
Sharon has now got a very nice covered butter dish!!!
Expensive??? - oh yes, but nice!!!

SECONDLY - a lesson has been learnt!!!
I will definately check more carefully, much more carefully,
before bidding on another Ebay auction!!!


Here is a copy of an email I sent to Replacements Ltd on Monday 8th August 2005
and I have recently purchased a piece of Royal Albert China, and a photo of this Butter Dish plus a photo of the Backstamp are attached
I looked at your web site - and found lots of references to Royal Albert patterns
--- and now I'm confused!!!
Pattern Number One
Web site -
"Old Country Roses" Classic - Pattern #00102
Description - red and yellow roses with a brushed gold trim
Pattern Number Two
Web site -
"Old Country Roses" - Is this Pattern #9351 --- ???
Description - Montrose shape with red and yellow roses
Are you able to
1 - confirm which of the above my Butter Dish belongs to, and
2 - confirm the number as mentioned in Pattern Number Two
Thank you for your time

......and their reply
This is the correct one

Web site -
"Old Country Roses"
Description - Montrose Shape with Red and Yellow Roses

......and so......

I paid $112.50 for a Butter Dish
when I could have got it for around $50.00/$60.00 (plus postage from the USA)
from the above stores!!!


The pages, details and prices listed above were as displayed in the various sites
on Thursday 28th July 2005

A web site for more information

(NOTE - this site was active as at Wednesday 20th September 2006)

Other auctions - #01

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Covered Butter Dish
On offer is this lovely covered butter dish made by Royal Albert
The pattern is the very popular and sought after "Old Country Roses" design
The butter dish is first quality pure white fine bone china
with the "Old Country Roses" design applied to the sides
The edges are heavily gilded with 22kt gold and the gold is in mint condition
The plate measures 16cms and is in mint condition - there are no cracks, chips or faults
It is marked Royal Albert Bone China - Made in England on the bottom
The lid is also in mint condition
I have another butter dish for sale which is made in Asia
You can recognise the English ones by the pattern on the lids
The small group of flowers in between the large cluster of flowers
are different to those ones made in Asia
The Asian ones are a much smaller cluster of flowers
Item location - Outer Western Sydney, New South Wales Australia
This action ended on Saturday 17th December 2005
The auction had a starting price of $108.00 with a "Buy-it-Now" price of $109.00
There were no bids!!!

In the above auction details,
the seller mentions that she also had a "Made in Asia" Butter Dish for sale
Below is a photo of that dish......
......but I can't tell the difference!!!

Also, here is the backstamp photo that was included
Notice that there is no mention of "England"

Other auctions - #02

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Covered Butter Dish
Beautiful condition - no chips, cracks or repairs
Beautiful addition to your existing set
Item location - BC Canada
This action ended on Wednesday 21st December 2005
The auction had a starting price of USD$49.99 (AUD$67.20)
with a "Buy-it-Now" price of USD$59.99 (AUD$80.65)
There were no bids!!!
This dish was relisted for an auction ending on Monday 2nd January 2006
The pricing details were the same
Again there were no bids!!!

Other auctions - #03

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Covered Butter Dish
Up for viewing is a magnificent Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" covered butter dish
This gorgeous piece is enhanced with the deep pink, golden yellow and light pink roses
of the well known pattern
Trimmed in excellent gold and backstamped with the 1962 Royal Albert Ltd stamp
No chips cracks, crazing or repairs on this marvelous piece
In mint condition
Item location - Lindsay, Ontario Canada
This action ended on Tuesday 27th December 2005
The auction had a starting price of USD$64.95 (AUD$89.23)
There were no bids!!!