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A Championship Ring

Brett started his United States 2001 Minor League Season with
The Brevard County Manatees
the Florida Marlins "Single A" affiliate
- and it was a "very good" one!!!
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In fact, it was so good that he was promoted to the Marlins "Double A" team
The Portland Sea Dogs
on Sunday 15th July 2001!!!

At the end of the season, the Brevard County Manatees and the Tampa Yankees were due to play-off for The Championships and The Florida State League Trophies

However, the terrorist's attacks of the 11th September resulted in all Minor League play-off games being cancelled
The Manatees and the Yankees were declared "Co-Champions"

As Brett had been a member of the Manatees during the season, he received a Championship Ring!!!

Brett receiving his CHAMPIONSHIP RING during the 2002 Spring Training!!!
March 2002

The Ring was designed and manufactured by in the United States
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Photos of the Ring .......... and it looks fabulous!!!

The Manufacturing and Price Details

Further Information

NOTE - this information is from various sites on the internet
and may not be completely accurate in respect to Brett's Ring
They are some references to "Lustrium" and "Gold Plating"
as mentioned in Jostens' email above

Jostens has a whole range of metals to choose from - including platinum, white or yellow gold, and, for those of you who are minding your budgets, white or yellow Lustrium
Lustrium is the least costly, being about half the price of 18-karat gold
Lustrium is what is called a non-precious metal alloy
While it is fairly durable, it does not have the same characteristics as gold or platinum
However, the final cost really depends on a number of factors, including type of metal, engraving, size, style

Question) Hi, and I wanted to know what element is better on a ring - Yellow gold, White gold, Platinum, Silver Elite with Platinum, or White Lustrium?
Answer) Platinum is best. Gold is next
Yellow gold and white gold according to what Karat & what alloys are used
18 Karat gold is the best gold choice for quality & durability
White gold, made from gold and platinum, is the best choice in the white golds
Both golds (of the same Karat) are equal in quality
Next in quality is Palladium, then Rhodium
After that, at the cheapest end of the spectrum is Silver Elite
And finally, Lustrium, which is the cheapest

This metal looks to the eye identical to 10kt Gold
Lustrium is a mixture of nickel and chromium, and is a good, durable finish
White Lustrium - this metal has the luster and brilliance of White Gold or Silver, but does not tarnish
Yellow Lustrium - this is not a 'plated finish' - the metal is fused with an amount of Real Gold all the way through so even if scratched, there will not be a difference in color - the gold content is higher at the surface, and becomes less deeper into the metal - the cost is lower than 10kt Gold

The color of the finish can range from pale yellow gold to orange yellow gold
Over 30 tints and colors exist
The higher the Karat Gold, and the 'thicker the layer' of the plating, the greater is the resistance to discoloration and corrosion
24kt Gold Plating ranges from a yellow-gold color to an orange-yellow gold color
This is a popular finish with excellent durability