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The auction receipt - Saturday 12th April 2008

When we received this tray, Sharon was a bit disappointed
It was a bit 'wonky' and did not sit flat,
plus one of the handles was bent
So we put it up for auction
A mistake?? ...... well, maybe
We were surprised to see that Kornby's Auctions had listed it as
being made from silky oak - we thought it looked like it had been
made from scrap timber in some school kid's Workshop Class!!
So we'll never know
but we received what we thought was a fair price for it!!


Antique Timber Drinks Tray

A note from Geoff on Friday 24th June 2005
Sharon has been looking for a tray for some time - and she wanted timber
As well as checking the Ebay auctions,
we have also looked in various antique shops in and around Cairns
We did see one at 'Days-Gone-By Antiques' in Gordonvale
- but it was priced at over two-hundred dollars which we felt was over-priced!!!
Then this one was listed on Ebay - we made a bid - and we got it!!!


- The Ebay Auction

Beautiful Antique Timber Drinks Tray
I am offering this lovely antique tray that I have had in my collection for some time
This tray is around 63cm x 29cm and features metal hardware to the handles
The tray has some scratches and marks as you would expect with age,
but they also give it a lovely patina
It is very solid and sturdy, though I am unsure what timber this is

Item location - North West Victoria Australia
The auction finished on Friday 24th June 2005

The bidding started at $10.00 and there were five bids
Our winning bid was AUD$31.00 plus postage