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Sunday 29th May 2005

Identification of cups - Styles and Handles

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I sent the following email to the above Company asking for their assistance
Their reply has been 'included' with the photo below

In the email, I also asked about an "Identification Book"
but there is not one available

Request for Assistance

Hello from Australia
I am hoping that you may be able to help us out
My wife has an interest in collecting "China Trios"

We are not 'millionnaires' and the sets she likes to obtain are usually what she calls "pretty" and/or "nice"

With each purchase, she likes to be able to find an accurate description, and your web site and china listings have been a terrific assistance in this!!!
She finds the 'sample photos' and product and pattern details a great help
I realise that this is not what you have designed your web site for!!!
But she does appreciate having it available to help with her small collection

We are having a bit of a problem though


I have attached a photo which shows a few cups that Sharon has
You will notice that the handles differ
Looking at the various pattern listings, she has noticed that there are "many and varied" names for these handle types and she doesn't know the difference!!!

Also, there are different cup styles
Again, using your web site, it appears that these all have different names as well!!!

So here is our request
(1) In the attached photo, is it possible to have these cup and handle styles identified???
(2) Is there are book that we can buy which covers this type of identification???
If so, can you please send us the details and where we could buy a copy

I am not sure if the attached photo gives you sufficient information so please contact me if there is anything further that you require
Thank you