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Carlton Ware Art Deco Vert Royale Bowl

Pattern #2106 4
as per the back-stamp photographed below

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Sunday 22nd May 2005
"I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!"

- Ebay Auction

Carlton Ware Art Deco Vert Royale Bowl - MINT!!!
A beautiful Carlton Ware Vert Royale Art Deco Bowl with gilt decoration
This measures 8" x 5.5" x 2"
It is offered in mint condition
A very nice collectable piece to add to any serious Carlton collection
No reserve
Good luck with your bidding and thank you for viewing
Item location - South Australia Australia
Auction ended Sunday 22nd May 2005

The starting bid was USD$19.99 and I paid USD$36.00 - approx AUD$47.62 plus posting

A note from Geoff to Sharon
"I hope you like it
I saw a while ago that you had the auction page 'saved to your desktop'
and I spotted it --- and bought it!!!
Below are a couple of links that might help you find some more information"


NOTE ONE - Carlton Ware Information



Click on this logo
The page has heaps of details and photos of Carlton Ware
It also includes this Message Board

which you can join if you want and have
"lots of chats with like-minded people!!!"



Click on this logo
This is the search page for Carlton Ware
Has thousands of bits-and-pieces
and I suggest you click on the "Picture Gallery" view to make it easier


......and finally - NOTE FOUR

I bought you this book!!!
Should make "learning this stuff" easier
It is being sent airmail from the USA
and was ordered on Sunday 22nd May 2005

Included inside is a section on building a collection,
with tips on spotting reproductions and counterfeits, and advice on what to purchase
Collectors will also find information on how to date Carlton Ware,
and learn to identify pieces with the convenient pattern list
Over 280 full-color photographs display the diversity and beauty of the most popular
Carlton Ware collectible pieces and sets, and include pattern number
and current market value in British Pounds and U.S. Dollars
Includes essential tips and advice on collecting!
Teaches how to date and identify pieces!
Over 280 color photos include pattern number and current pricing!