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Royal Albert "Tea Rose - Black" Trio

Cup - "Malvern" style

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 18th May 2005
"I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!"


NOTE - as well as the Ebay Auction details
and various information links and photos,
this page also includes an "Online Valuation"


- Photos and Details from the Ebay Auction

"Black Tea Rose" - Royal Albert Trio - Rare!!
From the very popular Tea Rose pattern
This is the rare black colourway, with the traditional old fashioned yellow roses
The side plate is scratched, otherwise in near mint condition
Cup - 8cm
Saucer - 14cm
Plate - 16cm
Item location - Adelaide, South Australia Australia
Auction ended on Wednesday 18th May 2005

The starting bid was AUD$39.99 and I paid AUD$60.99 plus postage


More photos - taken after the items were received


Information #01

The photo and pricing information below is from

and click on the logo to go to their web site
or click here to go directly to the "Tea Rose - Black" items page
(these pages/details were available as at Wednesday 18th May 2005
and updated on Wednesday 27th June 2007)

Royal Albert "Tea Rose - Black"
Pattern Description - Yellow Roses, Black Background, Scalloped
Cup and Saucer Set (Footed) - size 2.75 inches -
USD$39.99 = AUD$47.30
Bread and Butter Plate - Item not listed


Information #02

(NOTE - this site was active as at Wednesday 20th September 2006)


Appraisal Request

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 Deluxe Appraisal Request
 Step 1: Category Selection  
 Appraisal ID: 78231
 Item Title: Tea Rose (Black) Trio
 Selected Category: Porcelain, Ceramic and Pottery->Porcelain (China - Individual)->Cup and Saucer
 Step 2: General Information  
 Item Description: Royal Albert "Tea Rose in Black" trio
Cup, Saucer and Plate
 Item URL: This page
 Date/Era/Period: Unknown
 Condition Of Item: The Cup and Saucer are in excellent condition
The Plate has some scratches
Please refer to the photos included with the web site URL submitted with this appraisal request
 Provenance: Unknown
 Origin Of Item: Purchased via Ebay Auctions on 18th May 2005
 Step 3: Appraisal Images Submitted all the images on this page
 Step 4: Subjective Questions  
 Q: When did you purchase/acquire the item(s)? A: 18th May 2005 - via Ebay
 Q: Purchase price of item (if known)? A: Australian $60.99
 Q: Who is the manufacturer, if known? A: Royal Albert
 Q: Describe the material your item is made of A: China
 Q: Describe any markings and list any words found on your item A: Please refer to the photos included with the web site URL submitted with this appraisal request
 Q: Who is the artist? [if known] A: no answer given
 Q: Is it signed by the artist? A: No
 Q: Is the piece numbered? A: No
 Q: If yes, give number details A: no answer given
 Q: Height of item A: no answer given
 Q: Width of item A: no answer given
 Q: Length of item? A: no answer given
 Q: Does the piece have a pattern or is it plain? A: Pattern
 Q: If patterned, briefly describe A: "Tea Rose in Black"
 Q: If unpatterned, what is the predominant color? A: no answer given
 Q: Does this piece have any hallmarks or other identifying marks? A: Yes
 Q: If yes, give details A: Please refer to the photos included with the web site URL submitted with this appraisal request
 Q: Give any other details you feel are pertinent A: My wife and I very much like "the look" of this pattern, and are quite happy with our purchase

However, we are interested why there are no numbers or painter's marks on the bottom of the three pieces

Also, the "blocked out" areas are also concerning to us

These two points can be seen by referring to the photos included with the web site URL submitted with this appraisal request
 Q: What is the main reason for your appraisal? (ie: value, history, insurance, etc.) A: Naturally we would like to know if these pieces are genuine!!!

We would like to have individual prices on these pieces

PLEASE NOTE - if the Plate cannot be included in this appraisal request, please leave it out and I will submit a separate request later

The Appraisal Certificate

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 Appraisal ID: 78231
 Appraised On: 25-06-2005
 Title: Tea Rose (Black) Trio
 Date/Era/Period: Unknown
 Item URL: This page
 Description: Royal Albert "Tea Rose in Black" trio
Cup, Saucer and Plate
 Condition: The Cup and Saucer are in excellent condition
The Plate has some scratches
Please refer to the photos included with the web site URL submitted with this appraisal request
 Origin: Purchased via Ebay Auctions on 18th May 2005
 Provenance: Unknown
 Appraised By: Ellen Charland
 History Of The Item: Royal Albert goes back over one hundred years to a small pottery business established by Thomas Wild in 1896, in Longton, one of the six towns that make up Stoke-on-Trent, "The Potteries"

This household name in china started out as a family business
It was the ability and work of Thomas and his sons - Fred and Thomas Clark or TC - that made the company famous for bone china tea and breakfast sets

The business had royal associations from the very start, taking its name from Prince Albert who ascended to the throne in 1936 as King George VI
China produced at the factory was therefore initially branded as Albert Crown China

The term "Royal" was added in 1904, but it soon became known as "Royal Albert"

A flexible and progressive approach to both products and manufacturing drove United Kingdom and ultimately, international success for Royal Albert
Around 1910 the first overseas agency was established in New Zealand by John Raine, and this was quickly followed by exports to Australia, Canada, and the USA

Romantic, exuberant, feminine, and beautiful, are only some of the descriptions collectors worldwide apply to their favorite brand of 'bone china' - Royal Albert
 Appraiser Tips: Trio Sets - Cup, Saucer & Plate
The idea of a Trio is an English one, the Cup was used for one's tea, the saucer was to stop drips/spills and for protection, should someone place it down on a piece of furniture
The side plate was used for cucumber sandwiches, biscuit or cake

For some reason the American market was developed without the side plate
Most modern sets are now sold without a side plate

Cleaning your bone china should be done with care
Gilded pieces were made with a variety of processes and the stability of the gilding will vary greatly
Avoid scrubbing gilded areas and wash the pieces only when necessary

Gently dust them on occasion
Get into crooks and crevices with a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab
Don’t immerse large pieces in water, instead rest the piece on a stable surface and wash and rinse it there

Don’t attempt to clean mended pieces with any liquid
If you break a valuable piece, don’t attempt to glue it back together yourself
Instead, take it to a professional restorer - call your local museum for a referral
 Research Sources: Collectible Cups and Saucers by Jim Harran, Susan Harran - Volumes 1-3
Collector's Encyclopedia of English China by Mary Frank Gaston
Warman's English and Continental Pottery and Porcelain by Susan and Al Bagdade
eBay and Amazon - Internet
 Appraiser Comments: You have a very nice item

Love the design and colors

Indeed this variety in black is hard to come by

According to the backstamp - it places your item in the 60's

For some reason they have blocked out the pattern name

No numbers, I would stay with Malvern for style

However, Cup and Saucer collectors prefer almost pristine example
Those scratches on the side-plate do have an effect on the overall value

The price you paid is pretty much in the ballpark
 * Current Fair Market Value: $75.00 - All values are in US currency
Equals $97.41 Australian dollars as at Sunday 26th June 2005
 ** Replacement Cost: $125.00 - All values are in US currency
Equals $162.34 Australian dollars as at Sunday 26th June 2005
  This online appraisal is an expert's opinion of the item(s) depicted above based solely on images and information supplied by our customer
Additional information, not shown on this certificate, may have been taken into account for this online appraisal
  Please Note: Our service strives to include the best international authorities in their respective fields
While the appraiser may be an expert in rendering the valuation, please understand that they may not be completely fluent in English
  * Current Fair Market Value is the amount someone might receive when selling their item to a dealer or at auction
It is also the amount most government tax agencies (IRS, Revenue Canada, Inland Revenue, etc.) recognize as the tax deductable amount were the item donated to a charitable organization
  ** Replacement Cost is the retail amount one might reasonably pay to purchase the item from a dealer, gallery, store, etc
It is also the amount for which one may want to insure an item


Other--Auctions for similar sets of "Black Tea Rose"

Auction #01

NOTE - this is for a cup and saucer only - not a trio like ours

Royal Albert China 'Yellow Rose on Black' Teacup and Saucer
Manufacturer - Royal Albert
Pattern/Color - unknown pattern
Description - yellow roses on black with gold accent
Backstamp - "Royal Albert Bone China England" (see photo)
Condition - very good
Measurements - teacup is 2.875 inches high x 3.50 inches in diameter
and the saucer is 5.50 inches in diameter
Item location - Mill Creek, WA United States
This auction ended on Monday 6th November 2006
The starting price was set at USD$12.99 and there were nine bids during the auction
The final selling price was USD$28.00 = AUD$36.50