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Sunday 8th May 2005

Carlton Ware Art Deco Dish

Pattern #1011 (?) or #1611 (?) or #1609 (?) or #1633 (?)
(see below)

- Here are the details and photo from an Ebay Auction
Yes - we made a bid!!!
Yes - we won the auction!!!

Beautiful Carlton Ware Deco Dish
This is Carlton Pattern 1011 (or 1611 - very feint)
Oval shape is 173mm X 108mm (approx 7 inches x 4.25 inches)
The dish is in perfect condition
Price - the bidding started at $9.50 and we paid $39.00 plus packaging/postage


Carlton Ware Information


An email from Sharon on Sunday 8th May 2005
"Looking around the internet, I found this advert below
The dish appears to be exactly the same, but there is a difference in the pattern number
The one we bought via Ebay hasn't been delivered yet,
but I'll check it out as soon as it arrives
Also there appears to be a (big!!) difference in the size
The Ebay item is said to be 7x4.25 inches
and the one below is 12x7x3 inches
Another thing I'll have to check out!!!
We paid $39.00 in Australian dollars
and the 'professional' price below is $52.00 in US dollars which is about $70.00 Australian
......so I may have got another bargain!!! - I hope!!!"

Click on the logo to go to this site
or click here to go directly to their Carlton Ware page
(these pages/details were available as at Monday 9th May 2005)

LUSTRE - Vert Royale
Large Oval Dish
Pale green colourway
Art Deco shape
Shape #1609?
12 x 7 x 3 inches
Very minor glaze crazing


An email from Sharon to Tanya on Friday 13th May 2005
"Well, I received my EBay dish today
You know, the one whose measurements I confused with a picture I had seen!!
There are a couple of photos below
I don't care what the size is or what the pattern number is......
......because it is a delightful dish
and when you see it in person one day you will know what I mean when I say it looks
"mellow and gentle"