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These cups were bought for Sharon to use at work
Both of them got broken
They exist no more!!!

Yamato Royal Series Cups

Pattern "Royalty"

Made in Japan

A note from Sharon on Sunday 10th April 2005
I bought these two cups yesterday - at a garage sale in Atherton
The cost??? - a whopping dollar each!!!
They are for me to take to work for morning and afternoon tea - 'cause I hate using a mug!!!
I can't find anything other than the notes on the "Replacements" web site mentioned below
The cup is 3.75 inches across


Information #01

The information below is from

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(these pages/details were available as at Monday 11th April 2005)

Pattern - Royalty
Pattern Description - Gold Band and Verge, Smooth, Rim, Gold
No price details or photo