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Commemorative Spoon

Prince Charles and Lady Diana's Wedding in 1981


Information #01

A few details on the Perfection Plate Company - "Exporters of Souvenir Teaspoons"

The contents of "Australiana" magazine 1986 - 2002
"Australiana" - Vol. 8 No. 1 - February 1986

The silverware of Angus and Coote, Sutton Electroplate Company, and Perfection Plate

Watchmaker William Angus (d.1902) and jeweller Edmund J. Coote took over
Josiah Mason and Company, jewellers, Sydney, in 1895 and formed Angus and Coote
Originally retail jewellers, they were manufacturing by 1905
Acquired Sutton Electroplate Company in the early 1920's to produce domestic and hotel trade
EPNS silverware, and then acquired Perfection Plate in 1960


--Auctions for similar Souvenir Spoons

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Auction #01

Charles and Diana Spoon Set and Fergie Silver
You are looking at a set of two collector spoons
The first spoon is Lady Diana and Prince Charles with a stork
commemorating the birth of Prince William
On the back it says - "To commemorate the birth of Prince William of Wales 21-2-82
Perfection Plate - Made in Australia"
The second spoon is a commemorative spoon of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew's wedding
Engraved in the dish of the spoon
"Royal Wedding HRH The Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson 23rd July 1986"
On the back is - "WAPW Gt Britain"
Absolute wonderful gift commemorating the Royal Family and major events in history
Comes in a gift box
Item location - Canada
This auction ended during April 2005
The final selling price was AUD$28.00 - for two spoons


Auction #02

Princess Diana and Prince Charles Commemorative Spoon
A vintage collectable silver souvenir spoon
A commemerative piece of history of Diana, Princess of Wales
This now vintage Royal commemerative silverplated spoon
was made to commemerate the birth of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first born child,
William, the future King of England
The spoon is quite elaborate, as you can see from the photo
It measures 12cm in length
The spoon is in 'A1 excellent' condition
A divine piece of historic importance, and whoever gets it will not be disapointed

Item location - Carrick, Tasmania Australia
This item was initially listed in July 2007 with a 'Buy-it-Now' price
It sold during January 2008 - after being for sale for over six months!!
The final selling price was $18.00