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T. G. Green Jug - "restyled by Judith Onions"

Made in England

A note from Sharon on Thursday 31st March 2005
"While we were at the Kornby's Auction last Sunday,
I made a bid on a jug the same as this one
But I was out-bid!!!
I was talking to my friend Anne Kippin about it
and she said "Don't worry - I've got one that you can have!!!"
And this is it
The jug doesn't appear to be of great value - but I don't care!!! - I like it!!!
It is about 11cm high
and it goes perfectly with my 'Crochet and Beads Milk Jug Cover' (
click here to see that)

Below on the left are the markings from the bottom of the jug
and on the right is an explanation taken from
this web site

From Sharon
"This jug is on Ebay and appears to be the same as mine
The markings on bottom are slightly different
- it has the other 'target mark' mentioned above
No measurements were mentioned"

Details from an Ebay Auction that started on Sunday 27th March 2005

T.G.Green Jug (restyled by Judith Onions)
A lovely milk jug/creamer
Restyled by Judith Green
No chips, damage or restoration
Item location - King's Lynn, United Kingdom
The starting price was set at £7.99