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Spode China "Chinese Rose-Bone" Cup and Saucer

Made in England

A note from Sharon
"I bought this at the Kornby's Auction on Sunday 27th March 2005
Paid just $27.50 for the cup and saucer
......and I am sure that's a bargain!!! - see below"

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(these pages/details were available as at Sunday 27th March 2005)

Spode China "Chinese Rose-Bone" Cup and Saucer
Pattern #Y5926
Pattern Description - Floral, Cream Body, Green Trim, Scalloped Edges
Cup and Saucer Set (Oversized) - size 3.125 and 3.875 inches - USD$149.95

Another note from Sharon
"At this stage this is all the information I can find
But as you can see from the photos below, the item on the Replacements web site
looks exactly the same as mine but the measurements are a little diiferent
- my cup is 4.25 inches in width and the saucer is 6.50 inches
Also the pattern details are different
On the bottom mine says "Copeland Spode - England - Chinese Rose - RdNo 629599"
But it still looks exactly the same!!!
And it would be terrific if something I bought for $27.50 is worth USD$150.00!!!"