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BCM/Nelson Ware "Crinoline Lavender Lady" Trio

Made in England

A note from Sharon during 2005
"This set was given to me by Geoff's Mum
It was originally given to her parents
- James and Louisa Meers as a wedding present on 27th October 1909"


Another note from Sharon during 2005
"I found this photo below on an Antique Auction internet site
and the set was valued at $45.00"


The Backstamp


Information #01

The information and photos below are from

and click on the logo to go to the Official Web Site
(web site active as at Tuesday 10th October 2006)

E Cotton (Elijah, Ltd)
1885 to 1981

According to an 1893 journal, the business was built on the site of a previous works founded in 1758
Elijah Cotton opened a new factory 'Nelson Pottery' (1885) and also took over 'The Victoria Works' - both in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Lord Nelson Pottery was a trade name used by Elijah Cotton Ltd
Used the trade name "Nelson Ware"


- early ware was not marked
Note - a crown was added to some of their marks in 1956
Note - marks such as "8-70" probably means it was produced in August 1970
Note - marks such as "#82" may well be the shape number
Description and Date
Printed mark - c.1913+
Printed mark - c.1913+
Printed mark - 1956

Printed mark - used after the above mark

Beautiful old chintz cup and saucer
Decorated in colorful "Briar Rose" chintz design with a creamy ivory interior
Angular handle and gilded edges


Information #02

Email sent to Steve Birks at the above on Wednesday 11th October 2006

Subject - Nelson Ware Pottery Marks

Two photos attached
------(which were the shots at the top of this page)

Hi, and I am using the contact link at the bottom of this page
I hope you don't mind

Reference - E Cotton (Elijah, Ltd)
Nelson Ware

We have a trio of BCM/Nelson Ware in what appears to be the "Crinoline Lavender Lady" pattern

We are just a "normal" husband and wife - we are not collectors!!
We have a few bits-and-pieces which have come from our parents, and we try to find out as much as we can about their dates, pattern names, and that type of thing

My Mother, who died a few years ago, gave this set to my Wife, and said that it was originally a Wedding present to her Parents, way back on the 27th October 1909!!

I had a look at the "Marks" section on you site here, and got a bit confused!!

The type of mark that is on our items does not appear until your "NE4" section, and even those are superimposed with another mark over the top
And these marks, from what I understand from your comments, were used post-1956, after the "NE3" was used

Also you state at the top that "early ware was not marked"

We have carefully examined each of the three pieces, but cannot find any other marks or numbers

So, we would like your assistance and advice as to whether this backstamp we have attached was used back in 1909!!

Finally, please feel free to use either of the photos on your site if you feel they would be of assistance

Thank you for your web site!!! - on a few past occasions it has given us the info we have been looking for about other "inherited" pieces!!

Appreciate your time, and look forward to hearing from you

......and the reply

Hi, and thanks for your email

But sorry - I don’t have any other information on Nelson Ware

Steve Birks
Home of the North Staffordshire Potteries - http://www.thepotteries.org/