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Royal Albert "Harebell" Tea Set ... (Pieces Only)

A note from Sharon
I have four bread and butter plates, a sugar bowel and a milk jug
And one of the bread and butter plates has a 'very bad' crack

Another note from Sharon on Wednesday 6th April 2005
There is an interesting story to this set of china and I will try to describe it clearly

My Mothers' sister Norma Keyte (nee Knowles) was engaged to a man called Eric Lipton
He bought the complete dinner set for Norma
They evidently had a serious disagreement and broke up

Eric was stuck with this dinner set and no-one to give it to!!
He decided to give it to Normas' Mother, my Grandmother, Gertrude Knowles

Norma and Eric eventually made up and then Eric went away to war (this was WW2) where he was killed

My Mother Laurel Coudrey (nee Knowles) took what was left of the dinner set when her Mother died

I always liked it and brought a few pieces home with me after a visit to Adelaide
I liked the story Mother told me and I wanted to keep it alive because I felt sorry
that poor Eric had been killed and I thought if no-one remembers him, I will!!

When my cousin Erina Newham came to visit during April 2003 I told her the story
of the dishes we were using and she told me that her Mother had letters written between
Eric and Norma while he was away during the war before he was killed
They took copies and sent them to the Australian War Memorial

So it turns out ... he wasn't forgotten after all!!

I have read this several time and think it makes sense


Sharon has the pieces as marked in this photo


The Backstamp


Information #01

(NOTE - this site was active as at Wednesday 20th September 2006)


Information #02

Around November 2004
There was an advert on the internet for a twenty piece tea set of this design
Price was Euro480 = Australian $800.00 approx


Information #03

The photo and pricing information below is from

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(these pages/details were available as at Sunday 27th March 2005)

Royal Albert "Harebell"
Pattern Description - Blue Border, Blue and Pink Flowers
Bread and Butter Plate - size 6.375 inches -
There was no information on the sugar bowel and milk jug mentioned in Sharon's note above