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NOTE - Tanya re-injured her knee during her Working Holiday in London!!!
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Tanya - Netball injury, then Hospital!!!


Both Tanya and Sharon played in a Indoor Netball Competition

On Wednesday night 27th December 2000, Tanya went down - the "crack" of her knee
was heard throughout the Stadium!!!

Had the necessary treatment, but ended up with a blood clot near her knee, so she went
into Calvary Hospital for treatment and to have the clot monitored




On crutches, and the saga of getting out of a car!!!

----------Photo #01

----------Photo #02

----------Photo #03

----------Photo #04 - made it!!!

Admitted to Calvary Hospital on Thursday 4th January 2001

Gifts - flowers and a "smiley" balloon - Saturday 6th January 2001

Enjoying a ravioli lunch

......Similar photo to the above - but with a computer program "cartoon" effect - Saturday 6th January 2001

Her daily menu - like a five-star hotel!!!

Discharged!!! - on Tuesday 9th January 2001 - copy of a card sent to Tanya