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Tanya's Homes




Unit 6, 23 Springfield Crescent Whitfield Cairns North Queensland
Photos taken in December 1998
Her front yard, looking from the patio
The patio - on the left is the main/front entrance, and the door on the right is into her bedroom - a nice setting!!!
The pool, which looks pretty good
The carport - and her Ford Festiva which she bought new in 1994

25th January 2000
Unit 6, 23 Grantala Street Whitfield Cairns North Queensland
Photos were taken during April 2000
Driveway and entrance
Her unit, which is both upstairs and downstairs - and her car, a 1994 Ford Festiva
The lounge/living room
Her "corner" office
Home entertainment system
A new bedroom dresser
A very well organised and tidy spare room!!!

Getting a garden underway in the courtyard at the back of the unit - September 2000

Digger Street Cairns North Queensland
Made a Move!!!
Tanya is planning a two-year working holiday to England and Europe, and is hoping to depart around October 2003
In an effort to save some money, she decided to share a unit with a friend
And it is a fantastic place!!!
Situated in Digger Street, it is very close to the centre of Cairns city, and to where Tanya works (Reaston Lawyers)

......and click on the photo below for a tour of her new home

Thursday 19th January 2006
15 MacDonnell Street, Manunda Cairns North Queensland
Back from her two-year working holiday, Tanya is going to share this house with her friend Aletta
A photo of the backyard, showing the house, gardens - and a hammock hanging under the shady trees!!! - this shot was copied from the Leasing Agent's web site