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Tanya's Birthday

Birthday #26

Friday 9th November 2001


Cards from Mum and Dad

A collage of photos - made by Sharon


------Her present from Steve
------And they say pets and their owners start to look-a-like, so click here!!!


Two of Tanya's friends
Kelly and Alison
were also celebrating their birthdays during November

So there was "a major birthday party" held on Saturday 24th November 2001

The invitation

"The Birthday Girls"

------#01 - Tanya, Kelly and Alison - with drinks in hand!!!

------#02 - and here they are again

------#03 - The girls saying "Thank you" - with Tanya on the microphone

The girls on the dance floor!!!

------#01 - Tanya, Kelly and Alison

------#02 - Tanya, Kelly and Alison again

------#03 - Tanya and Kelly

The Guests

------#01 - Tanya, Sonya, Christine and Andria

The Family

------#01 - A family portrait!!!