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Graduation Dinner


Held at Smithfield State High School on Friday 20th November 1992



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The School Years are over !!

Tanya's "Graduation Certificate" - 20th November 1992

A few comments from her Class Teacher (Angela Toppin) and the Principal (Jim Lucey) ..........which are very nice!!!


Tanya and Brett

Receiving her Certificate

Jade, Scott, Brad, Blair, Tanya, Candace

An item by Tanya's class !!

they performed "Enter Sandman" (Metallica)

Tanya, Melissa, Brenda, Felicity, Sheryn

Group Photos

all include Tanya

Tanya with her Friends

Debra, Elke Elke Matt, Brenda

Brenda Katie Kelly, Peter

Kelly, Sheryn Nicky, Sheryn

Tanya, Kelly, Britta, Danielle

and other photos taken during the evening

Marcia, Thalia, (unknown), Collette, Londra, Gemma, Elke, Debra, Clyta, Michelle