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Tanya - 1992




School days are over !! - completed Year 12 and graduated from Smithfield State High School

The Annual Presentation Evening was held at the Cairns Civic Centre - 26th October 1992 - here is the programme for the Evening, and Tanya is listed as a recipient of an Academic Award

"Award of Merit - Academic Achievement"

"The Class of '92"

Photo - Section "A"

Photo - Section "B" ... Tanya is in this section, and it's a really nice shot of her

"Official Paperwork"

Tanya's Senior Certificate - showing the subjects and results - Student #91-1123-0026-0 - 18th December 1992 ... and Tanya had some excellent "Level of Achievements"

"The Tertiary Entrance Statement" - showing Tanya's Overall Position (OP) and Field Positions (FPs) ... and great finish to twelve years of school !!
..................................CONGRATULATIONS, TANYA

..........and an explanation of the "OP" and "FPs" results

A "Letter of Congratulations" from Mr Jim Lucey - Principal of Smithfield State High School - 25th January 1993

... and

Tanya wearing her School Shirt and Class Badge - two photos


Ready for a date - and looking great!!! - four photos - June 1992 ... great photos

On the lounge room floor at home - shorts and a white top - two photos - July 1992 ... nice photos

Watching a baseball game - and listenning to music!!! - red shorts and black top - two photos - August 1992 ... more good shots !!

All dressed up, and looking fantastic in black!!! - two photos - November 1992 ... terrific pictures again !!

Scoring for the North Queensland Under 14 Baseball Team - during the State Titles held in Cairns - in full uniform - November 1992