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Tanya - 1991




Completed Year 11 at Smithfield State High School - the Annual Presentation Evening was held on 15th October 1991 and Tanya achieved an "Award of Merit"!!!

The programme for the Evening, which was held at the Cairns Civic Centre - Tanya is listed in the Academic Awards

"Award of Merit - Academic Achievement"

Class Photo - Year 11D

Looking very casual - January 1991

A day spent at the Paradise Palms Resort in Clifton Beach, Cairns - three photos - including a "candid shot"??? - January 1991

A mermaid resting on the rocks - January 1991 ..........great scenery in this picture

Out the front of our home on Trinity Beach Road - February 1991 - and that is cyclone season, and the protective tape is on the windows!!! - ready!!!

All dressed up - teal and black dress - October 1991

Is this a netball uniform, and holding an Award for what??? - two photos - October 1991 ..........even Tanya cannot remember - "Absolutely no idea!!!!!!! Sorry!"

Jumping off the jetty!!! - November 1991 ..........a fantastic picture!!!

"Sweet Sixteen" - her birthday, and it looks like a "fruit" birthday cake!!! - 9th November 1991 ..........and she looks great!!!

Tanya was the Scorer for Brett's North Queensland Under 14 Baseball Team which contested the State Titles in Lismore, New South Wales - during November 1991

#01 - receiving her Team Jacket before the Championships - sponsored by QTV Cairns

#02 - scoring - in full uniform ..........a nice shot

#03 - having a break between games