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Tanya - 1983




"Roller Skating Princess" - January 1983

A braided hair style - March 1983

Selected as the "Class Citizen" in March 1983 - Year 3 at Trinity Beach Primary School

In the School classroom - March 1983

Here she is aged 7 years 5 months - March 1983 ..........a nice photo

Front tooth out!!! - 20th April 1983

Making her "Brownie Promise" - two photos

......and here she is in her Brownie uniform - August 1983

In her School sports uniform, and a member of the T-Ball Team - August 1983

Playing T -Ball, and in the batter's box having a swing

The Trinity Beach State Primary School - Sports Day in September 1983 - Tanya was a member of the "Upolu House" - two photos, showing Tanya with the House Flag and practising her ball skills

......and here she is competing in the long jump - and it looks to be a good distance!!! ..........two good action shots!!!

"A Nipper"!!! - a junior member of the Ellis Beach Surf Lifesaving Club - sitting on the Surf Rescue "rubber-ducky" - October 1983

As a member of the "Nippers", Tanya competed in a Junior Carnival held in October 1983 - this is in the "stinger/jellyfish" period in North Queensland waters, and all the kids had to wear a "Stinger Suit" which is another use for panty-hose!!!

......and Tanya won two events in the "Six Year Old Division"!!! - the Beach Sprint and the Flag Race!!! - this photo shows her competing in the Flag Race

Here she is with our kangaroo, Charlotte - November 1983