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Tanya - 1982




In the back of our yellow Suzuki - at home in Wewak Street, Trinity Beach - January 1982

The badge says "Class Citizen" for Year 2!!! - selected in May 1982

With her new hi-riser bike - June 1982

On horse back - July 1982

A new hair style - September 1982 ..........a very nice photo

Hair done, and a fancy dress - and having a swing - aged 6 years 10 months - September 1982 ..........another nice picture

In the surf on a rubber tube!!! ..........a great shot!!!

Sports Day at Trinity Beach Primary School - Tanya climbing in the playground, a hoop race, and doing a great job in the sack race!!! - three photos - September 1982

Her seventh birthday - and here she is with her special "Doll Cake" - 9th November 1982

......and another photo with the cake

......some of her presents - knicker-bokers, shoes, bangle, necklace and earings - three photos

School dress-up day, and Tanya went as "The Queen of the Faries" - November 1982

"Just worn out"!!! - sound asleep on Christmas Day - and took her new doll to keep her company!!!