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Tanya - 1981




At the swimming pool - January 1981 ..........a great shot of Tanya diving in to the water!!!

Her first day at school!!! - 5 years and 2 1/2 months old - 28th January 1981

On her yellow bike - October 1981

Her sixth birthday party - and Tanya with her "#6" cake - 9th November 1981 ..........two nice photos

The birthday girl again - and our new car, a Suzuki Sierra Soft-top

Haircut - from long to very short!!! - December 1981

Riding her yellow bike in Wewak Street, Trinity Beach - December 1981

Outside her school - Trinity Beach State Primary School - December 1981

School break-up picnic - went swimming - or is she drowning??? - December 1981

Christmas Eve - with a painting she did to leave out for Santa

......and now it's Christmas morning!!! - presents!!! - musical organ and a Barbie Doll - the parking garage might be Brett's!!!

Trip to Green Island - on the beach, and with a huge Marlin!!! - two photos - December 1981