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Sharon - 2001




The blue Post Office uniform - three photos - Thursday 4th January 2001

Our 26th Wedding Anniversary!!! - 4th January 2001
Four photos of Sharon ..........photos are a "little bit naughty!!!"

Ready to head off to work - in the Post Office car - Friday 5th January 2001

#01 - Off to work - Friday 5th January 2001
#02 - as above - but now a "four eyes"!!! - Friday 5th January 2001

New hair color - the "before and after" looks - Saturday 6th January 2001

Now a red-head!!! - Saturday 6th January 2001

"Western Day" at the Post Office - for the release of a series of Slim Dusty stamps - Thursday 25th January 2001

Sales Executive - in the car and on the phone - going to work - Thursday 25th January 2001

In the back seat, woman!!! - Friday 26th January 2001 ..........a very nice photo

Sharon the Australian!!! - at the Australia Day Awards - Friday 26th January 2001

Pink, black, and dangerous!!! -Saturday 10th February 2001.........."sexy stuff"
#01 - four photos of Sharon - dressed for the streets!!!
#02 - another two photos
#03 - and two more!!!

A change in her position at Australia Post - was in the role of Sales and Merchandising Manager - now is the Postal Manager of Earville Business Centre - Tuesday 13th February 2001 - and the car is gone!!!

Six photos of her new suit - Friday 16th February 2001

Nice legs!!! - Sunday 4th March 2001

With Brett's invitation to have morning tea with the Prime Minister!!! - this was to be held on Tuesday 22nd March 2001 - Brett was in the USA and could not attend

"Short shorts!!!"
#01 - getting dressed - photo has "painted effect" program applied - Sunday 18th March 2001
#02 - the shorts again!!! - same photo as above - this time a "cartoon effect" has been applied

We did a big yard clean-up on Tuesday 27th March 2001 - Sharon with the miniskip/rubbish

Working with Peter Thompson - checking the height of the mounds at the Cairns Baseball League grounds - Wednesday 4th April 2001

A haircut - short!!! - Thursday 17th May 2001

Amongst the trees in our backyard - Thursday 17th May 2001

"God Bless America"
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#01 - "America Under Attack" - and the "Stars and Stripes" flys at our home - Tuesday 11th September 2001
#02 - "God Bless America" - as above

In the lounge, having coffee and watching television - Saturday 22nd September 2001
#01 - seven photos
#02 - and another four photos

47 years and 1 month "young"!!! - Sunday 23rd September 2001

Writing to Brett in the USA - no pens or paper, just technology!!! - Sunday 23rd September 2001

Two Sharons!!! - via the computer and camera - Sunday 23rd September 2001

At Alan and Wilma's wedding - Saturday 29th September 2001
#01 - Sharon and Anne Kippin "blowing bubbles"
#02 - Sharon, and wearing her Mother's brooch
#03 - "Pretty flowers" - photos of Sharon taken during the day ..........a nice range of photos