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Sharon - 1991




The following pictures were taken towards the end of the year
Sharon was 37 years old - and looked terrific!!!
So here she is "showing her stuff"!!!

(simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo)

In our bedroom, and using the mirror for a "doublesided effect",
and wearing black/green togs and a black top

Another shot in the bedroom, this time in a pink mini-skirt and black top

At the baseball fields, and wearing a black skirt and black mesh top

Outside, and dressed in boots, black skirt, and a black tie top

This time she is in a black skirt and black blouse

-------------------- --------------------
What every "Hells Angel" wears!!!
...... boots, black leotards, lime green cap and sunglasses
NOTE - the centre photo and page were updated on Saturday 6th September 2008 ...... with "super size" shots!!!

......and now some other photos

"Film Star Sharon" - hiding behind sunglasses!!! - January 1991

Blue jeans and a white singlet top - three photos - taken at the baseball grounds - January 1991

Heading off to the swimming pool - two photos, showing Sharon with all "the junk" she carries around with her and dozing on the pool lounge - January 1991

Long "peasant" dress and a black top - January 1991 ..........a nice shot

In a black top - January 1991 ..........a terrific picture of a beautiful girl!!!

Pink mini skirt and black top - July 1991 ..........slit in the skirt, and she's showing quite a bit of leg!!!

All in black - July 1991 .........a great photo of her, but she "blinked" at the wrong time!!!

All dressed up!!! - a long white dress - October 1991

A sportsgirl!!! - in uniform and holding a trophy - which I think is for playing netball - October 1991

See!!! - mermaids do exist!!!
............and this page was updated on Thursday 11th September 2008 ...... with "super size" photos!!!