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Sharon - 1987




Softball Player - a member of the Sharks Softball Team

#01 - In the batting box, trying to get a hit!!! - and that is Tanya in the background - she was the official team scorer and statistician

#02 - Another shot of Sharon in a softball uniform - looks like she managed a hit or a bunt on a very low pitch - and Tanya is looking on again

#03 - ERROR!!! - the ball went straight past her glove!!! - during a game in March 1987

#04 - Team Photo - all the players with their names - having been playing in Division Six, the team was promoted to Division Three after winning the Premiership - and in 1987 they reached the Grand Final again!!! - unfortunately they lost!!! - and it was a "family affair"!!!, as Sharon was a player, Tanya was the scorer, and Geoff was the coach


Our 12th Wedding Anniversary - Sunday 4th January 1987

#01 - My lovely Bride of 12 years!!!

#02 - and a similar picture to the above

#03 - another look at Sharon surrounded by plants and palms

#04 - Sharon - in a "fragile looking" set of togs!!!

#05 - in just one word, she is "lovely"!!!

These Wedding Anniversary photos have been rescanned
Click on this albumn -
Our 12th Anniversary - and scroll down
Includes fourteen "Super Sized" shots with various image effects


"Lip - Synch" Night

We were both closely associated with Dodgers Baseball Club, and during 1987 they held a "Lip-Synch" night to help with fund-raising
Sharon nominated for one solo song - "Mein Herr" from the musical "Cabaret", and also entered with a group of friends to present "Leader of the Pack"
It was a fun night
and Sharon was "THE HIT" of the evening!!
With the other singers, Sharon won Second Prize for their performance of "Leader of the Pack"
For "Mein Herr", Sharon won First Prize as well, and received a two inch high, silver plastic Cup!!

#01 - Singing "Leader of the Pack" - and the rocker is David Lloyd - and the girls are Dawn Billsborough, Lynelle Williams and Sandy Morris - two photos

#02 - Presenting "Mein Herr" and Sharon did a fantastic job - had the audience spellbound!! - two photos

#03 - And another two photos taken during "Mein Herr"

#04 - Celebrating Second Prize ..........and Sharon looks just like Olivia Newton-John in this picture!!

#05 - Sharon with her First Prize Trophy!!! ..........another Olivia Newton-John look-a-like!!

#06 - On the dance floor later in the evening

The following updates were done during 2008

"Mein Herr" - #01 - The Lyrics and Music - so you can sing along!!

"Mein Herr" - #02 - Huge enlargements of Sharon during her performance - Photo One


Other Photos during the Year

My gorgeous, sexy wife - in a black mesh top - two photos - January 1987

Out in the backyard, in a white sleeveless top - January 1987

In a soft pastel pink outfit that looked terrific on her!!! - January 1987

Just lying around the yard - two photos - January 1987 ..........topless and lovely!!!

A new pair of black/red/white bikinis - three photos - January 1987 ..........fantastic!!!

Holding a Plantain Banana and a Carambola/Five Corner Fruit - home grown!!! - in our backyard!!! - March 1987

..........and Sharon has always liked "a bit of banana"!!!

A really nice yellow off-the-shoulder outfit - and Sharon made it herself!!! - two photos - March 1987

All in white, sitting in the yard - June 1987
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Wearing a pair of light blue/white togs - June 1987 ..........and looks terrific!!!

Keeping up with her hairdressing skills - September 1987

Christmas Day - in a "white with red splashes" outfit - and a party hat - December 1987 ..........a great photo!!!

During a trip to the Adelaide Zoo - three photos - December 1987

A very pretty girl!!! - in a pink and blue dress - December 1987
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A portrait of Sharon taken in December 1987 ..........GORGEOUS!!! - FABULOUS!!! - TERRIFIC!!!
------------------------------------------------------NOTE - the above photo was rescanned on Saturday 4th October 2008
------------------------------------------------------CLICK HERE to see "super size" versions ... including Geoff, Tanya and Brett!!