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Sharon - 1986




A very simple but very feminine pastel blue/pink outfit - three photos - February 1986 ..........she looks terrific!!!

In a yellow and black bikini, which looks pretty good!!! - two photos - February 1986 - Sharon is checking out the bird aviary - which I built!!!

In a "shark tooth" hemmed skirt and top in black/white - four photos - February 1986 ..........very nice photos

Getting an all over tan!!! ..........boy, oh, boy - no clothes, in the nude, naked - oh, well, it's okay 'cause she looks nice!!!

In black "night attire" - February 1986

A pink mesh top - two photos - February 1986 ..........and the red azalea flowers in our yard look nice as well!!!

Sharon was a member of the Sharks Softball Team, and here she is doing some batting training during March 1986 - two photos

......and here is the Team - Premiers of Division 6!!! ..........photo is a little blurry, but it is the only one we have

Checking out one of the hanging baskets in our back yard - two photos - June 1986

Dressed in a "fancy" black outfit with gold trimmings - June 1986

New pair of togs - teal/blue, with a long zipper down the front!!! - three photos - June 1986

Sharon looks lovely - BUT where did THIS outfit come from!!! - two photos - July 1986

Blonde and Beautiful!!! - September 1986 (unfortunately the photo is a bit 'fuzzy')