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Sharon - 1983




In a blue dress - three photos - January 1983 ..........very nice!!!
............and this page was updated on Monday 13th October 2008 ...... with "super size" photos!!!

Gold shorts and black bikini top - two photos - January 1983
............and this page was updated on Tuesday 14th October 2008 ...... with "super size" photos!!!

A Black 'Mini-Kini'
---------------In a new black "mini-kini"!!! - two photos - January 1983 ..........extremely sexy!!!
---------------..........and some more shots of the bikini - including "The Body"!!! - two photos - January 1983
---------------These "Mini-Kini-Photos" were rescanned on Saturday 6th September 2008
---------------..........and lots of colour and black-and-white enlargements have now been added
---------------Simply click on these thumbnail images to see the photos
---------------NOTE - unfortunately the sharpness and condition of the prints has deteriorated a little bit over the years
---------------This cannot be helped or stopped ... but it will not get any worse now that they are in digital format
---------------And who cares anyway ...... they are still fantastic photos!!! ...... look at her BODY!!!

Wedding Anniversary #8
---------------Our eighth Wedding Anniversary - 4th January 1983 - four photos ..........and the Bride is still lovely!!!
---------------..........the Bride again - eight years on!!! - another four photos

Hair in a ponytail - February 1983

During a trip to Port Douglas - a nice smile!!! - three photos - March 1983

At Rex Lookout on Captain Cook Highway, just north of Cairns - and with our 1971 Hillman Hunter - March 1983
............and this page was updated on Monday 13th October 2008 ...... with "super size" photos!!!

Sharon with the cockatoos and galahs - during a visit to the Australian Bird Park at Palm Cove, one of the beach suburbs north of Cairns - March 1983

During a trip to Green Island Reef Resort - March 1983

All "fancied-up"!!! - going out to dinner - March 1983

Still fits!!! - wearing a suit she bought when she was sixteen years old - and that was twelve and a half years ago!!! - two photos - April 1983 ..........both the suit and the girl look nice!!!

In a white dress - at Geoff's 34th birthday party - sultry!!! - or is she mad??? - 3rd April 1983

Standing in the spray - taken at Ellis Beach, just north of Cairns - May 1983 ..........A great photo!!!


The above photo is one of a "special" group!!!
During May 1983, we borrowed a decent camera
Sharon grabbed a bag full of clothes and we went to Ellis Beach, which is just north of Cairns
I took a complete roll of film, and Sharon was "The Model"
The photos turned out great, and they have been included in a separate albumn
Click on the logo below to go to this fantastic albumn


A nice black top on a lovely girl - May 1983

Bought a new pair of togs - navy blue, with red/white/blue band - two photos - September 1983

Christmas present - a pink/black suit - December 1983