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Saturday 4th January 1975

Tuesday 12th August 2008

Hello, My Darling

As you know, for the past five days I have been updating-and-redesigning our online Wedding Albumn ... and, it needed it !!
The old albumn included around twenty or thirty photos ... and, let's be honest, these weren't very good at all
It was built just after I bought a computer and scanner ... and I still had a lot to learn !!

As you refreshed the page to arrive at this note, that old albumn was deleted and has now disappeared forever

You will soon be looking at a fantastic record of "Our Day" ... with more than one-hundred photos and pages !!

Lots of these are from the official photographer, your Uncle George, but there are also dozens from relations and friends who attended the Wedding
I guess you have seen most of these when they were posted to us ... but they have been packed away and you may not remember them
They include some nice shots ... you will be surprised how they look in the albumn !!

Over thirty-three years have passed since this wonderful day
Lots has happened ... most importantly, the birth of our two terrific kids
Sadly, both our parents have died during this time, and it's great to see them in these photos, happy and smiling, and sharing our important day

As you look at the photos all the special memories will come rushing back
I have to admit that as I was scanning the shots and putting all the pages together ... well, I was at times just a bit, well, overcome, I suppose !!

Sharon, you were the Bride that every man dreams of
The following photos show that you were so breathtakingly beautiful it made my heart stop ... and you were, and still are, a lovely and sweet person

Three decades have now passed ... my love for you is something that I find hard to describe
------------------------------------------------------------you are my best friend
------------------------------------------------------------you are part of me
------------------------------------------------------------you are my life

Thank you for sharing yours with me

Now, click on your photo below and re-live Saturday 4th January 1975 !!

...... and go ahead, you can laugh and cry if you want to !!