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Our Honeymoon

At Port Lincoln, South Australia - January 1975





Outside, and wrapped up in a white towelling bath coat - two photos

Ready for a day out - a nice pink/purple top - two photos

On a tourist boat ..........a very nice picture

At the sea shore - two photos

The blushing Bride!!! - in bed, but with a book!!!

At "Whalers Way Lookout" - and a walk along the cliffs - Photos 1 and 2 - Photos 3 and 4 - Photos 5 and 6

In the pool - two photos ..........nice photos


On the side of the pool

At the motel - two photos

During a drive to "Whalers Way Lookout"

Paddling in the ocean

Showing off the Wedding Ring" ..........not a bad photo

Geoff and Sharon

Out on a tourist boat