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Geoff and Sharon - a trip to Paris !!

Departed Brisbane - Friday 12th June 1981
Returned home - Monday 29th June 1981

This trip was a result of an 'Incentive Program' by Geoff's employer, "L'Oreal of Paris"

--Here is a photo of five-and-a-half-year old Tanya--
and she is wearing a Paris shirt we brought back for her
Twenty three years later she made her own trip to Paris!!!
for all the details



NOTE - these are just a few photos from our trip
and are the ones where Sharon and I are by ourselves

There is much, much more!!!
eg, flights, our hotel, menus, postcards, the L'oreal of Paris group we travelled with,
plus Geoff having to go to the dentist
plus Geoff having a 'kidney-stone-attack' while at dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower
plus Geoff spending a night in a Paris hospital

One day I will get these all uploaded as well - one day!!! - maybe!!! - time!!!

The Eiffel Tower

Geoff and Sharon - at the top of Montparnasse Tower on Avenue Du Maine - Eiffel Tower in the background

Sharon - and the Eiffel Tower - taken from the courtyard area of Palais De Chaillot

Sharon - (and tongue!!!) - under the Eiffel Tower - from Quai Branly

Sharon - on the Eiffel Tower - and a view of Paris

Sharon - passing the Eiffel Tower during our cruise on the River Seine

Sharon - and another shot taken as the cruise boat passed the Tower

The Arc De Triomphe

Sharon - Arc De Triomphe - taken from Avenue Des Champs Elysees

A cruise on the River Seine

Sharon - with the cruise boat

Geoff - during the cruise

Sharon - during the cruise ..........nice!!!

Sharon - passing the Justice Palace/Royal Palace ..........very nice again!!!

Palace of Versailles

Sharon - Palace of Versailles - at the main gates - "The Gates of Honour"

The Louvre

Geoff and Sharon - in The Louvre courtyard - a souvenir photo

Sharon - outside The Louvre

Sharon - in The Louvre courtyard - in front of the Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel

Sacre Coeur Church

Sharon - on the steps of Sacre Coeur Church in Montmartre

"Out and About" in Paris

Geoff - having a coffee break

Sharon - looking down Rue Royale towards Place De La Concorde

Sharon - view down Boulevard Malesherbes - St Augustin in the background

Sharon - from the steps of L'Eglise De La Madeleine - looking down Boulevard Malesherbes

Sharon - in Avenue Winston Churchill - taken from Avenue Des Champs Elysees - Petit Palais in the background

Sharon - outside the Lido - on the Avenue Des Champs Elysees (we went to a great show there!!!)

Sharon - visit to Paris Flea Market - view of "Antique Alley" ..........I love this shot of Sharon - a terrific "look"!!!

Sharon - "Restaurant De L'Esplanade" - enjoying strawberries and cream - drinks are Kia (a French syrup and wine)

Sharon - stopping the traffic in the Place De La Concorde ..........WOW!!! - what an outfit!!!

--------------------and an enlargement of Sharon .........."fuzzy-blurry", but still WOW!!!

Loire Valley Chateaux Tour

Sharon - Villandry Chateau

Sharon - Cheverney Chateau

The trip is over !!

Sharon - having a final drink in Paris - "Le Patio Cafe" at the Charles De Gaulle airport ..........she looks cute!!!

Sharon - with our transport back home - two photos

Home !!

Sharon - back with her gorgeous kids - and everyone is wearing souvenir t-shirts ..........a terrific photo!!!

Sharon - clothes from Paris - t-shirt, jacket, jeans and shoes ..........lovely!!!

Over Thirty-Four Years Later !!

Sharon and Tanya and Brett - click on the panel below