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Trip to Copperlode Dam/Lake Morris

Saturday 28th April 2001




Ready to go - a few photos of Sharon taken in our backyard


Called in to see Tanya on the way


On the way up the range - Sharon, at a lookout with a view of Cairns


Arrived - in the carpark ..........two nice photos of Sharon


Lake Morris - a notice giving a bit of detail of where we are


Sharon standing on the bridge and walkway - great scenery in the background


Another shot of Sharon on the walkway


Fantastic scenery - both Sharon and the view!!!


Sharon relaxing in the kiosk


Seven "special photos" of Sharon taken from the viewing area above the Lake and a lookout over Cairns - she looks gorgeous!!! - and the scenery is pretty good to!!!

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven


"The two of Us" - really nice photos, and again some great scenery!!!

Number One

Number Two


At a lookout on the way down the range - Sharon, and my car!!! - a fabulous 1994 Ford Festiva!!!


Stopped at a roadside fruit stall - Sharon had to have her mandarins!!!