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Geoff - 2002




Caught on web cam!!! - mesmerised by the computer!!! - February 2002


"Black Hawk Down" - a great movie!!! - Tanya shouted us the tickets - February 2002 - 466Kb download, and will take a few extra seconds


53rd Birthday!!! - and an email from Tanya - Wednesday 3rd April 2002


"Enforce mandatory minimum jail terms" - Geoff's "Letter to the Editor" - and it was published on Saturday 1st June 2002 - and it was the lead/headline letter!!!


Growing his hair!!! - looks okay, except it's all grey!!! - Saturday 6th July 2002

..........and another photo taken the same day - Sharon said "make a face", so....!!!


Before the haircut - hair all over the place - "the 70's look" - four photos taken with the computer camera - Saturday 20th July 2002

......and after - "She murdered my hair!!!" - but, hey, I've got ears!!! - three photos - 2.30pm Sunday 21st July 2002


Squatting on the couch, minding my own business!!! - two photos - Saturday 24th August 2002 ..........not bad photos!!!