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Christmas - 1981





Dad just sitting down and taking it easy

And now it's Dad's turn to receive a present!!!

Colleen and Dad - with their Christmas hats on and having lunch

Due to Dad's health, John had taken over the part of "Father Christmas" - and here he is, with a few expectant kids kids sitting at his feet and hoping the parcel is for them!!!

And here is "Father Christmas" again - and Dad and Jason

John, with his Christmas hat on, having a beer with lunch

Colleen - waiting for someone to give her a present!!!


Colleen and Amanda

Andrew got himself a present!!! - and watched by Dad, Jason and John

Mum and Terry at the back door - and Bradley and Colleen

Terry, Twin???, Jenny and Bradley checking out one of Terry's presents!!! - which looks to be a Work Box

A present for Jenny!!! - watched closely by one of the Twins???

Trudy??? - Jodie??? ..........can someone help out with these names!!!

Trudy??? - Jodie??? ..........as above - help!!!


Terry, Jenny and Mum - in their Christmas hats and at the table for lunch

Mum, who looks to be enjoying her Christmas Day, and Rodney

Rodney checking out the pile of presents!!!

Mum, Rodney and Sue

Sue on the right, and one of the Twins on the left (can anyone remember who the two adults are???)

Michael and Jason

..........and here are the two boys again, with Michael receiving a gift from "Father Christmas"

Colleen, Amanda (behind the post) and Mum, with Michael, Jason and Bradley at the front

"The Christmas Table"

Mum took a lot of joy and pride in how the lunch was presented - it always looked fabulous, and the food was terrific!!! - here is the table before we all made a mess of it!!! ..........to look at the "!987 Table", just click here