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Christmas - 1980





Dad ..........a very nice photo

Mum ..........and this is a good photo as well

Sharon and Brett - during a visit to Geoff's Dad and Mum's home - two photos

Sharon, Tanya and Brett - with Dad and Mum's sulphur crested cockatoo

The two families!!! - Geoff's Dad, Sharon's Dad, Sharon holding Brett, Sharon's Mother, Geoff's Mum, and Geoff holding Tanya

Sue with the kids!!! - Amanda, Brett, The Twins (Trudy/Jodie), Tanya, Jason, Bradley and Andrew

A visit to John and Colleen's home - Mum and Colleen (with their backs to the camera), John, Geoff and Dad - with Tanya riding a scooter

John and Amanda - and a big bottle of "West End" beer!!!