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Rodney and Sue's Wedding





"Official Photos"

The Bride and Groom - signing the Register

The Wedding Party

......and some more shots taken during the day

Rodney, with Dad and Mum, ready to leave for the church

Rodney with his "support crew"!!! - including Brenton on the right

Sue arriving and about to get out of the car - and going up the steps of the Church - two photos

The Bride and Groom outside after the Ceremony - two photos

Dad and Mum (dressed in a flash red dress!!!) at the wedding ..........Mum is holding Tony's hand

Sharon and Tony

Geoff's company vehicle (from L'Oreal of Paris) was a white Ford Falcon - this was all polished up and used as one of the wedding cars - two photos of the car, one with Geoff and Tony and the other with Sharon and Tony ..........and the car looks pretty good!!!