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A "Miscellaneous Mixture" of Photos!!!




Terry, Ron, Mum, Brenton, Sharon holding a 3 and a half year old Tanya, and Sharon's Mother Laurel - June 1979


Esso Servicentre
590 Anzac Highway
East Glenelg
Adelaide South Australia

After rebuilding, the service station re-opened and this announcement is from The Guardian Messenger newspaper published on the 18th June 1986 - photo of John, Colleen, Rodney and Sue

..........and this is the article from the paper giving all the details on the rebuilding and opening - includes two photos
NOTE - this is a large article, and it will take an extra few seconds to download

A "petrol price war"!!! - between Rodney/Esso Servicentre and another station on Marion Road - includes photos - from the Adelaide Advertiser on 25th February 1987
NOTE - this is another large article