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Gavin and Jane


Above photo taken during June 2001
In addition to the photos below, Gavin and Jane have developed their own Home Page
Simply click on the above photo to be taken to their site





Gavin during his school days - in his Sacred Heart College blazer ..........a nice shot

Gavin during a visit to the snow - August 1979

- Gavin's Graduation - 1981
------Gavin's Graduation - and he's dressed ready to go - two photos - 1981 ..........terrific photos!!!
------..........and two more pictures of Gavin ready for the Graduation Ceremony, including one with Mum .........two more great photos!!!

- Gavin's 21st birthday - 17th December 1984
------#01 - The "Birthday Boy"
------#02 - receiving "The Key" from Dad
------#03 - having a beer with John

Jane, Tanya, Brett, Sharon and Geoff - December 1987

Tanya, Kate, Sharon and Jane - in Brisbane - September 1996

All the family - May 2000

Gavin - at the Baseball Stadium - Sydney 2000 Olympics - September 2000

Their home in Albany Creek, Brisbane Queensland - November 2000

Christmas and New Year 2003 - letter from Gavin and Jane - and it includes photos of their new home, along with photos of all the family

- Tanya's Holiday in Brisbane - 27th November 2006
Tanya was in Brisbane for the First Ashes Cricket Test between Australia and England during late November 2006 - she arranged to spent the last night of her stay with Gavin, Jane, Kate and Adam - Rodney's wife, Sue, was also visiting at the same time - this page is part of "Tanya's Holiday in Melbourne and Brisbane" albumn, and includes ten photos - Monday 27th November 2006

- Gavin's visit to Cairns - during March 2016
Gavin and a couple of mates arranged a holiday in Cairns - they were planning to 'tackle all the tourist stuff' which they did and had a great time!! - Gavin also spent some time with us and we visited Tanya's "Special Spots" - Ghost Bike + Memorial Plaque at Trinity Beach + Red Wall at Brett's + her Room in our Home - so very sad but it was nice to catch up with him - there are fifteen photos plus emails along with a Facebook Post - Saturday 5th March 2016


Kate and Adam


Kate - at six months old - with Geoff - September 1995

Kate - and here she is with Brett - September 1995

Kate - now eight months old - December 1995 ..........a nice photo

Kate - with Sharon - January 1996 ..........another good shot

Adam - sound asleep - 2 months old - December 1996

Kate - Christmas morning, 1996

Kate - the artiste!!! - 2nd birthday in March 1997

Kate - with her teddy bear - 2 years old - March 1997

Adam - still sound asleep!!! - 5 months old - March 1997

Adam - wide awake now!!! - 7 months old - May 1997

Adam - (date unknown)

Adam - on a swing - (date unknown)

Kate - her turn on the swing - (date unknown)

Kate and Adam - taken at Sovereign Hill - Historic/Pioneer Tourist Town - and they are dressed the part!!! - September 1999

Kate and Adam - on Santa's knee - Christmas 1999

Adam - his 4th birthday - 2000

Kate and Adam - in the bath!!! - 2000 ..........a very nice photo

Kate and Adam - May 2000 ..........another nice picture

Kate and Adam - Santa's helpers!!! - Christmas 2000

With an autographed baseball bat !!
Following the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Brett donated this bat to be used in a Fundraising Auction
t Kate and Adam's school  and the auction was held during May 2001
------#01 - Kate and Adam with the bat
------#02 - Kate - with the above bat - February 2001
------#03 - Adam - is this a budding baseballer? - February 2001

Kate and Adam - Christmas 2001 ..........another nice photo


John passed away on Saturday 3rd February 2018


for Notes and Details

and this page also includes
Information on Gavin's Medical Tests and Results

plus Geoff, Sharon and Brett's Health Reports
as at Tuesday 27th February 2018

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