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The Raneberg Farm and Homestead

Original purchase by Johann Andreas Raneberg ... Tanya and Brett's Great-Great-Grand-Father

Land passed to Johann Friedrich August Raneberg ... Tanya and Brett's Great-Grand-Father



This photo is from the publication "The Raneberg Family History" and the Reunion referred to took place during 1987

As you can see, the reproduction when the printing was done is not very good
and I have tried to contact the people involved in the Reunion to obtain the original shot but have had no luck

On Monday 10th May 2010 I wrote to

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asking if they could undertake a bit of research for me to see if the building is still standing and if so,
to arrange for photographs to be taken ... and if I receive a response, it will be added here

!!--it would be fantastic to have some Big Colour Shots of this Original Home--!!