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Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Father (Roneberg)

The Baroota Whim School

(Written 1987 / 1990)

This was a major source of learning for the Raneberg family

The four eldest of August Roneberg's family were pupils at this School
John Andrew, Clarrie and Thelma attended together in 1919,
and the following year Nita also attended, riding with them on horseback

The structure of the School is still sound

When it was visited as part of the first Raneberg family reunion in 1987,
blackboards lining it's internal walls displayed, chalked in classic freehand,
part of the lessons taught during the School's final days

The school opened in 1883 and closed in 1939

The shots below were taken in 1975



John Andrew Roneberg was born in 1908 ... so that would make this around ...

"The Class of 1920"

and that's him ... back row and fourth from the right !!