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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Raneberg)

Maria Dorothea and Johann Andreas Raneberg

Their Arrival ... and ... Lives in Australia


Last Two Paragraph's

The Will of Johann Andreas, 1883, was executed by a friend, Henry Dahlenburg
Henry was born in 1862
He was 21 years old at the time, and 23 in 1885 when he exercised his power of attorney on the decease of Andreas
Henry was evidently one of the adventurers who trekked from Freeling
Henry was related to Ralph Dahlenburg, who married Olga (Ollie) Schulze, a descendant of Johann Joachim Raneberg
Part of the property in which they settled is still owned by their descendants

click HERE to read the Will of Johann Andreas Raneberg

A note from Wally Knowles ... Wednesday 30th January 2013

I went to the library again yesterday trying to track down this Olga Schulze

I found all her siblings but not her ... this must be a nickname

Olga married Ralph Dahlenberg and apparently they ran your family property while living nearby

It was bad enough tracking down Olga's father as he always called himself Albert

His father was William Henry Schulze but his full name was Louis Herman Albert Schulze
He married Emma Raneberg
And here was trouble again as her full name was Marie Emilie Emma Raneberg
She was the daughter of Johann Joachim Raneberg, presumably a cousin to your Andreas

To (mis)quote Malcolm Fraser ... "Life was meant to be easy"