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Brett with his Friends





With neighbour Carol Boland - "flowers in their hair"!!! - March 1990


Year 12 High School friends

----------Jane McDougall, Priscilla Yeo, Vicki Crossan, Cherie Fowler and Jill Larsen
----------Janelle, Jeska Geyl, Vicki Crossan, Racheal Wray, Jill Larsen, and Jane McDougall


With Nathaniel Milevskiy - just "hanging around"!!! - at the 1997 Heat Baseball Club Presentation Day


With Kelsey, Matt and Diane

Kelsey with her cat

With Lisa, Geoff, and Kari - three photos - August 1999

With Geoff - August 1999

Matt, Lisa and Wes


A night out at "Ebor City" - Tampa, Florida - five photos

With Kelsey

With Jane - at the Sydney Opera House during the Olympics - September 2000
----------and another shot taken at the Sydney Opera House
----------Jane visiting the Athlete's Village

With Steve - September 2000

With Angie Bolton

With Julie - September 2000


With Tracy

Amy - two photos

With Heather Prosser - at Space Coast Stadium during Instructional League - October 2001

A "Playboy Bunny"!!!


Luke and Andrea Prokopec's wedding - photo of the Bride and Groom - and a "thank you" note to Brett for his gift

Brett and a group of players out to dinner - during Spring Training - Melbourne, Florida - March 2002

With Jade, and her cat "Scruff" - three photos

With Paul Mildren and Geoff Goetz - June 2002

Amy McLaughlin, and cat "Punkin"


With Leana - two photos - Cairns - Wednesday 29th January 2003

With Elsie - USA

With Mark Beecroft and Matt Bolton - at The Cairns Amateurs Race Carnival - Friday 12th September 2003

The Wedding of Jane McDougall and David Clarke - Brisbane - Saturday 1st November 2003
----------The Invitation
----------During the Ceremony - the Wedding Party and Minister
----------Jane and David signing the Register
----------The Wedding Party
----------Jane - with her Mum and Dad - two photos
-------------------with Lain, Julie-Anne, Brett, Cherie, Grant and Priscilla - three photos
-------------------with Cherie, Brett and Lain
-------------------with Brett, Lain, Cherie, Priscilla and Grant
-------------------with Julie-Anne, Brett, David and Lain
-------------------with Cherie, Brett and Lain
-------------------with Cherie, Priscilla, Brett and Lain
----------Brett and Cherie
----------Priscilla, Grant, Rodney, Julie-Anne, Lain and Brett
----------Lain and Brett
----------Brett and Priscilla
----------Rodney, Brett and Lain
----------Grant, Brett, Lain and Julie-Anne
----------Grant, Lain, Cherie and Rodney

With Lain, David and Jane - Brett is in his Queensland Rams uniform, and this photo was taken following Game Two during the "Festival of Baseball" which was held in Brisbane - Saturday 20th December 2003


With Jaci - at The Chapel Restuarant in Cairns - from from the "Time Out" social pages of the Cairns Post newspaper - Saturday 5th March 2005

Brett and a few of his friends spent the Easter break holidaying in The Daintree, North Queensland
----------Click here to go to the albumn - twelve photos - March 2005

......and they headed back for the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend
----------Click here to go to the albumn - eighty-eight photos - June 2005

The Rugby League "State of Origin Game Three" - Brett, and Ritchie Mounsey, were keen to see this game - but it was sold out!!! - so what did they do??? - this page has all the details, plus numerous Stadium photos and other information - Wednesday 6th July 2005

White Water Rafting!!! - Brett and Andrea spent the day on a river in Tully, North Queensland - three photos - Friday 23rd September 2005

Smithfield State High School - "Class of 1995"
Brett and his ex-classmates getting together for their "10 Year Reunion" - held at the Yorkey's Knob Boating Club - thirty-one photos - Saturday 5th November 2005