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Brett - 1987




8th Birthday - 5th February 1987

------Showing off his cake, and trying out on of his presents - a dart gun - two photos ---(who drank the beer???)

------Lighting the candles on his 8th Birthday cake - with Sharon watching closely!!!


"Surfer's Hot Dog" - looks like he is ready for 'sun, surf and sand' - February 1987 ..........another nice smile

School starts again - ready for 'Year 4' at Trinity Beach Primary School - February 1987

"Ride 'em, cowboy!!!" - on the back of a (HUGE) horse!!! - April 1987 ..........good photo


Trinity Beach State Primary School

------Annual Inter-House School Sports Carnival

----------Brett was in "Upolo House" (Gold) - all over, and here he is wearing FIVE ribbons!!!

-----------------(I do not have a record of the events - looks like 2 x First Place, 2 x Second Place, and 1 x Third Place)

------Year 4 School Concert

----------Led by their teacher, Brett's class sang "Rawhide" - and it was great!!! - three photos - October 1987 ..........great pictures

------School Swimming Carnival

----------In the water, and climbing out after his event - two photos - December 1987 ..........good shots

------"Certificate of Merit"

----------Received for his homework during the year - from his teacher, Rose Mauloni - 6th December 1987


"Beach Treasure Hunt" - digging in the sand at Trinity Beach - October 1987

Goggles and snorkel, and ready for some scuba diving!!! - December 1987 ..........good shot

Bouncing high on a trampoline!!! - December 1987 ..........a fantastic action shot!!!


Christmas in Adelaide

------receiving a present during the "Present Opening" at Geoff's family home, and a nice picture with Geoff's Mum - two photos

------A visit to the Adelaide Zoo - three photos - December 1987


A fantastic shot of Brett - which is part of a "Special Set of Four Photos" - December 1987 ......a terrific photo!!!
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