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Brett - 1986




Having fun with a rubber tyre tube in the pool - January 1986 ..........great photo


7th Birthday - 5th February 1986

------showing off his cake, and one of his presents - two photos


A visit to Wild World at Palm Cove, just north of Cairns - feeding a kangaroo, and putting his head in the jaws of a crocodile!!! - two photos - May 1986


"A Day at the Beach" - during June 1986

------a blonde beach boy!!! - walking along the sand carrying a bucket ..........a fantastic picture!!!

------and the above photo is one of Sharon's favourites!!! - so here it is, scanned at a higher resolution - larger ..........looks great!!!

------throwing around a ball - two photos ..........and again these are very nice shots


"Neat and Tidy"!!! - dressed up for a wedding - two photos - July 1986 ..........good shots

"Fancy Dress Day" at Trinity Beach Primary School - Brett went as an 'Arab' - September 1986

The top front teeth are gone!!! - October 1986 ..........nice photo


Barron River Cricket Association

------Brett played for the "Palm Cove Under 10 Crocadiliacs"

----------photo of Brett in his cricket gear - and a newspaper report - picked up 3 wickets!!! - 30th November 1986

----------having a bat - and it looks like he is going for a '4' or '6'!!! - two photos ..........great action shots!!!

----------and enlarged a shot of Brett swinging the bat ..........and it looks terrific!!!


At the pool, and he has just learnt how to dive - November 1986 ..........another action shot!!!

Looks happy that he has got a remote control racing car - December 1986